Should Christians send nudes or is sending nudes a sin? Sending nudes is a common phenomenon in our culture presently among the youths and even couples. People assume that it helps to arouse your partner, revive, and spices your love, especially in a long-distance relationship. However, this is a false concept that has been indoctrinated on people through social media. It’s a big lie. We have endorsed many lies in our society.

Should Christians send nudes? | Is sending nudes a sin?

When something becomes so common and popular, people tend to embrace it as the right thing, when it isn’t. there are no pros of sending nudes, only cons. Sending naked photos only helps in keeping your spouse’s clutches of porn. Normalizing what is wrong does always make it right.


For the record, sending nudes is not proof of love at all. I believe it’s the true manifestation of lust. I am saying this out of my experience not from reading motivational books.

I know there are a thousand articles out there on how men feel when you send them your nudes, and how women enjoy seeing your stuff in the nude photos. These are only meant to encourage Sexting and not to help you have a healthy pure relationship. You don’t need to show anyone your body as proof of love to them. Let’s be real! I know at the moment it always feels really good and sweet especially for men, but the ramifications of sending nudes fur surpass your spouse seeing your naked body. It puts your reputation and self-worth at stake.

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Sending nudes only fuels lust

Sending nudes to your spouse is also a form of pornography. But you may debate that it’s your spouse enjoying your nude body? It feels okay to do so, hence justifying your mistakes. Some do it to keep their spouse from watching porn, but, trust me, it doesn’t work. It only fuels the desire to be perverse.

Pornography is the number one killer of intimacy and true love in any marriage. The majority of married people and even youths are struggling and stacked in the mud of nudity. Imagine a scenario where you send nudes to your spouse who is recovering from porn addiction. What will you be doing to him/her? Sending nudes only triggers the desire for pornography, and the person’s state becomes worse than before. Trust me, I have been there and the struggle is real. What comprises a healthy sex life, in the long run, is not just the physical aspect of it, but the mental, emotional and spiritual intimacy that bonds you together.

Some may give the excuse of the physical distance as a justification for sending nudes. Maybe that’s your strategy to keep your love spike alive. It sounds like a reasonable idea to send nudes. However, sending naked photos involves a great risk to your relationship.

Sending nudes destroys your conscious and relationship

Asking your spouse to send nudes is more of objectifying them as sex toys or using them to meet your porn desire. You use their nudity as a replacement for porn to still satisfy your lustful appetites. You elevate your partner to the same level as a porn star. Trust me your spouse can never be a match for any porn star. Pornography is all about fantasies and it’s fake. On the other hand, your spouse is real and therefore can never meet that need. You need Jesus to set you free.

Sending nudes makes you feel guilt, especially women. You begin thinking of the risks of the nude photos being seen by another person after you have already sent them. And even worse what can ever happen in the event you break up with this person. Will they revenge by posting your naked photos to the public? This is just but the tip of an iceberg of what can go wrong.

For Christians, this will tear your relationship apart. The moment you entertain the thought of sending nudes, you begin to separate yourself from the presence of God. Consequently, you end up breaking up, and trust me it hurt a lot. That is what sin does best; to destroy.

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Sending nudes triggers the desire to masturbate.

I had never masturbated in my life even though I was addicted to porn. The moment we broke our physical boundaries and started focusing most on sex talk, we ended up sending nudes to each other. That’s where things went wrong. At first, it didn’t seem to be a big deal. as I was trying hard to arouse my stuff, it happened by accident that I ejaculated. From then, I struggled with, masturbation for about 3 months and it was hell. I cried to God and He set me free. We could not take it anymore, the guilt, shame, and condemnation and therefore we had to break up. I broke her heart hard, and I regret it a lot.

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The actual risks involved in sending nudes.

We use the internet as the channel to send nudity. With the limited digital privacy of this channel, what do you think can happen? I know of someone who once sent his nudes to the wrong WhatsApp group, in fact, a church group. He had intended to send them to his girlfriend but by mistake clicked the wrong recipient. The nudes went viral and there was nothing he could do. It was shameful. We know of cases where people’s accounts have been hacked and their private photos and videos disseminated on public platforms without their consent. Trust me you don’t want to be a victim of the same.

A good example is Jennifer Lawrence, whose nude photos were leaked by an iCloud hacker and the photos went viral all over the internet. She responded that she preferred better for her boyfriend to watch her nudes than porn.

And something else, when you delete photos on the internet, they don’t disappear as you think. There are traces left. In the same way, you can retrieve deleted data from your computer’s hard drive. They are just held somewhere and very soon might end up showing up.

If your nudes fall in the wrong hand, they might be used to manipulate you and in the worst-case scenario, blackmail you.

You can and should enjoy your spouse’s body, but not to the extent of risking their reputation and your marriage by sending nudes. If you are a person that values your worth, reputation, and life at large, then it’s not worth putting that at stake.

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Should I take nudes photos to examine my body especially my “flower”?

The answer is no. The intention is pure, but the method is wrong. You should instead use a mirror to examine yourself as there are no traces left. Stipe before a mirror and do anything, your privacy will be secure. This is especially to women. If you have some medical tests to do, then use a mirror or ask your spouse to help you out.


Asking your woman to send you her nudes is disrespecting her and it lowers her worth. Trust me, women don’t like the idea of sending their nudes, they hate it. When they do it, it’s probably because they are afraid, they might lose you or you have manipulated them to consent to do it. I now understand the pain and shame I caused my woman, by asking her to send her nudes. Anyone who asks for nudes is not worth your love and trust. If they can get it from you, trust me, they can also get it from someone else and if not possible, from the internet.

He is not worth your covenant, as he only degrades you. Saying no may be the only word to your salvation and freedom. You don’t need to be in bondage to anything. Christ has set you free. [Galatians 5;1].

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