There is great objectification of women in the mainstream sex industry like never before. Lustful men commercialized and evaluated women as objects for their gratification.

These men have a false sense of ownership over you since they pay for the services. You are viewed as a prostitute and demanded to do the unthinkable.

Should Christians subscribe to Onlyfans?

Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and opted for Onlyfans as an alternative source of income. This led to a boom in Onlyfans as many girls made millions from this x- rated website.

It’s not a surprise that some Christians were also lured into this industry due to financial challenges.

Is Onlyfans a sin? Christians should be at the forefront to expose evil and not contribute to it. The evils we see today are a result of our reluctance to stand on the watch. Satan can not steal from God. He steals from Christians, our kids, robs our joy, and destroys families.

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It is a fact that most Christians are porn addicts, making them easy prey for Onlyfans subscriptions. I am not condemning anyone, we are trying to find a solution together by speaking out about issues that affect us. I was a porn addict for years and I know what that does to any soul.

Reasons why Christians should not have an Onlyfans account.

The following are reasons why Christians should never subscribe or open an account on the Onlyfans website. This will help you make an informed decision, hence avoiding walking blindly into a trap. It is a disgrace to see Christians on onlyfans.

1. Problem with sexual novelty.

The adult industry is built on sexual novelty. Subscribers are interested in new and extreme stuff. To keep up with the pace, these women are trapped to do the extreme to get the money and attention they once had.

A new beautiful girl will show up, and people will forget about you. And the circle repeats itself. This pressures you to do perverted things to get any attention and retain your subscribers. You will have to bend low in an attempt to meet their lustful and perverted desires.

2. You are risking your children’s life and future.

You are planning to get married and have kids in the future, or maybe you are a mother already. Think of what will happen when they realize you are a commercial sex worker. Will you be comfortable with your kids watching your nudes and sex videos? Think of that for a moment!

You are jeopardizing their destiny as they are the ones to suffer the most. They will have to deal with the shame at school when other kids mock them because of your nudes.

We have seen incidents where students have been bullied because their mothers are porn stars or into Onlyfans. This is a form of child abuse, as the parents are prioritizing money rather than their kid’s well-being. May God have mercy on this generation, if sons will be forced to watch their mothers doing sex online.

son depressed and suicidal because of mom's Onlyfans

3. A lack of privacy and piracy of your content.

The Onlyfans platform is not secure as their privacy is compromised. Your photos and videos are downloaded and distributed over the internet. Consequently, ruining your reputation and life in general.

You signed up for an Onlyfans account thinking your content is protected, however, that is not always the case. In most cases, criminals steal your content to create fake porn accounts on popular porn sites using your name.

Some have come to realize their videos are on porn sites through friends or even strangers.

Imagine walking on the streets and all of sudden, all eyes are on you. People begin to point at you thinking you are a famous pornstar. Our society is unforgiving.

Your photos and videos are now stacked on the internet forever and there is nothing you can do about it. Think of the effect that has on your career, family, and life later.

You are forever branded as an internet prostitute and you have to deal with the consequences.

women struggling with porn
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4. Objectification of women as sex products.

There is great objectification of women in the mainstream sex industry like never before. Lustful men commercialized and evaluated women as objects for their gratification.

These men have a false sense of ownership over you since they pay for the services. You are viewed as a prostitute and demanded to do the unthinkable.

You are also obligated to spend hours answering stupid texts, you become a slave without your knowledge. Since you have established yourself as a sex object, men will always treat you that way.

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5. You will always go far than you anticipated.

There is always that first hype when you begin an Onlyfans account, as subscribers are curious to see what you post. Once they are used to the content, they will likely unsubscribe from your account. In an attempt to keep them, you start doing more, more, and more, even though you had initially intended to post simple photos in a bikini.

Your subscribers put a lot of pressure and demand you show explicit content of your nude body. That is why they subscribed in the first place.

Once you have been branded as an Onlyfans girl, it becomes hard to quit.

“Sin will take you further than you wanted to go. Keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and will cost you more than you calculated.”

6. The money is not as good as it seems.

There is a lot of money to be made but will cost you everything, including your reputation and entire life. Onlyfans is not different from porn as it always uses you and leaves you like an empty shell.

The quick cash you get is cursed. It is not different from drugs, trafficking, porn, and theft, even though you may argue that people decided to pay for your content.

That doesn’t make it legit either. God does not approve of the act, nor the money as an offering. This proves there is something wrong with it.

Do not bring a female prostitute’s wages or a male prostitute’s earnings into the house of the Lord your God to fulfill any vow, because both are detestable to the Lord your God.
Deuteronomy 23:18
Do not degrade your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the land will turn to prostitution and be filled with wickedness.
Leviticus 19:29

Honestly, you can not make any meaningful investments out of this kind of money.

7. You are worth more dear friend.

Anything that causes harm to your reputation and life, is not worth it at all. Your worth is directly related to your value system. How do you view yourself? As a woman, you deserve to be honored, but that has to begin with you.

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8. Onlyfans devalue the essence of work.

We all know and appreciate that work is a gift for mankind from God, as we have to dominate, subdue the earth, and be productive. (Genesis ). Onlyfans has made it easy for people to devalue the importance of hardworking, and consequently promote sloth, especially among youths. Which economy was ever built on laziness and porn?

Why would anyone work if they can make a lot of money by simply stripping before a camera and showing off their boobs and private parts? That is the problem with Onlyfans, Instagram modeling, porn, and all other quick-money solutions.

The industry is creating young millionaires who have no clue about financial investment, responsibility, and have no character. They end up using the same money to destroy their future. What benefits does that add to society?

We are creating a society that deceives young ladies that if they have the perfect body, that’s all they need to achieve any impossible goal in life.

You simply need to sit before a camera and expose your naked body for lustful men to have their fill. These ladies are pressured to show their boobs, and vaginas and even do weird things to their private parts. Stuff that a normal woman who understands their worth won’t dare do.

How Onlyfans affects relationships and marriage.

More than often, these women find it hard to have lasting physical Relationships with anyone. They can not connect effectively with others because of the impact Onlyfans left on them.

The trauma of the aftermath of Onlyfans affects an individual’s capacity for a healthy relationship and even intimacy in marriage. The victims struggle with low self-esteem, shame, condemnation, and depression which leads to drug abuse.

It becomes difficult to find someone you can relate with, someone to love you for who you are. Most people already have a preconceived concept about you and are not willing to hook up with you. However, that is not the end of the world. There is a man who desperately cares for you, the man Jesus.

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No man will want to marry a lady who everyone has seen her nudes and watched her having sex online. We know that everyone has sex, but it’s not in the public but rather a special private place, in the matrimony bed. That is the aftermath of adult work.

Before you ever consider a relationship, it is wise to focus on healing first. Give yourself a break and quality time. There is no rush. You have already been through enough.

Bible principles concerning nudity and purity.

The Bible exhorts us to pursue purity and shan evil, especially lust and the love of money. God can not approve of what goes on Onlyfans, since it is detestable to Him. He calls us to live holy lives because He is holy. (1 Thessalonians 4:7)

We should learn to handle our bodies (vessels) in honor, not exposing them at all. Onlyfans and Instagram modeling are notorious for promoting the porn industry.

Sometimes the things I see people posting on their Instagram accounts break my heart. Our generation is willing to do anything to make quick and easy money.

No one values the importance of work. Instead, we think it’s a curse. People can do anything to finance their fancy lifestyles. Worse of all, famous artists and models are at the forefront of promoting nudity to minors. Who will save us?

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It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God.
1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, NIV

A word of hope to the broken.

He rescued me because he delighted in me.

Psalms 18:19b

This article creates awareness of the true colors of the Onlyfans industry and its relation to the porn industry. Those who have quit and those in the career know that Jesus loves you and does not condemn you. This is a call to repentance and a return to our loving God, who sustains us.

If only you would allow Jesus in your heart today, He will come and deliver you and give you a new life like Mary Magdalene and Rehab. You become a new creation. In addition, God blots out your transgressions. (2 Corinthians 5:17, Isaiah 43:25, Psalms 103:8-14).

Jesus will change your name from Rehab the prostitute to Rehab the righteous. From Mary Magdalene the harlot to Mary the blessed, whose name is engraved on the walls of heaven. You can become one of them, it’s never too late to make a turn-around.

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