The presence of God is the dwelling place for true worshippers, those who worship God in truth and spirit. Men with a heart after God, seeking not their vain obsessions nor desires, but that of The LORD their God. In God’s presence, there is a true revelation of God and a deeper intimate encounter with Him.

The beauty of dwelling in the presence of God

As humans, we are most often occupied with vain obsessions and there is little or no place for God in our hearts. We are carried away by what we treasure the most. For indeed where a man’s treasure (the thing he gives the highest priority) is, there is heart is (or will follow) also.

The fragrance of God’s glory saturates the atmosphere and the lives and spirits of those who dwell therein.

David had one desperate desire in his heart, that he may dwell in the house of the LODR to always behold His perfect beauty and majesty. I wish this could be everyone’s heart desire. That we may yearn to be with Him, have fellowship with, and listen to His heartbeat.

“It is only he who dwells in the presence of God that abides under the shadow of God.” (psalms 91:1-2). The Bible argues we be dwellers of the presence of God and not strangers, aliens, or visitors of His presence.

Benefits of dwelling in the presence of God

The following are some of the benefits of dwelling in the presence of God.

  1. Having communion and fellowship with The Father. God created us to have an intimate relationship with Him. Dwelling in the presence of God strengthens this intimacy.
  2. True joy and gladness only exist in the presence of God. We find true satisfaction in knowing and having fellowship with Him.
  3. In the presence of God, we find our true purpose for living. We are stripped off of our vain obsession and yield to the promptings of The Holy Spirit.
  4. We find our true identity by knowing Him and dwelling in his presence.

Everyone should always desperately desire to know Christ and cleave to Him. We should also dwell in the presence of God always and not just visit His presence.

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