three beautiful strange women that Solomon loved

Why Solomon loved strange women

What was the reason why Solomon loved strange women? It’s a pity and a great controversy that Solomon created the conditions for his downfall with all his wisdom. The major reason being his love for strange women. He had an insatiable lust for women. For this reason, he took for himself, 700 wives and 300 concubines.

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Does God warn you not to marry someone in a dream?

Does God warn you not to marry someone? The answer is yes. Indeed, God does warn us not to be involved with some people in a relationship. The reason is that God knows the motives of every person’s heart and He also knows what is best for us. This doesn’t mean that God chooses a life partner for anyone. Don’t confuse the two. God can never choose a spouse or even reveal to you your future spouse in a dream.

a man in black looking at the fire regretting over the sin of one man

Effects of the sin of one man | Consequences of sin

Can the sin of one man affect everyone or provoke judgment in a generation? Most of the present pain and troubles are as a result of the sin of one man, the sins of our forefathers. A good example being the fall of mankind attributed to Adam. Their iniquities have affected our livelihoods, even though we did not participate in the act of sin.

the presence of God

The beauty of dwelling in the presence of God

The presence of God is filled with the fragrance of His glory, saturating the atmosphere and the lives and spirits of those who dwell therein. The presence of God is the dwelling place for true worshippers, those who worship God in truth and spirit. Men with a heart after God, seeking not their vain obsessions nor desires, but that of The LORD their God.

political allience between Raila and Uhuru and the BBI

Effects of the Political alliance between Uhuru and Raila | BBI will fail

I saw how similar the political alliance/ coalition between Raila and Uhuru was to that of Ahab and Jehoshaphat. [2 Chronicles 18;1-34, 19:1-3]. The alliance was detestable before God because Ahab didn’t worship the living God. Jehoshaphat had indulged himself in a war that was not his. What made it worse is that he had allowed his son to take a wife for himself from the house of Ahab and Jezebel the abomination of idolatry in Israel.

Ways To Walk the Path of Light

The path of light | Ways To Walk the Path of Light

The path of light is the place of healing, peace, and restoration. The path of light or simply light represents hope and healing. Psychology is a good idea as it to some extent helps to restore one to a stable state. People who are in pain, have messed-up, and maybe even engage in self-destructive behaviors don’t need to be scorned or even rebuked. These people are already rebuked, their guilt consciousness already condemns them

God's providence in overcoming sin

God’s providence in overcoming sin

The teaching of providence asserts that our God is in absolute control and sovereign over all things in the universe. If He is in control, then it means He is able to guide our steps if only we allow Him. The reason being that God can’t deprive us of Free Will. He sets the standard and therefore can’t break it, since He is one with His word.


Loving even when it hurts

What does it mean to love even when it hurts? Take a scenario where your spouse cheats on you, but you still love them, and deep within your heart you want them to stay but the prevailing circumstance can’t allow. It’s true to say that those we love most really hurt us the most. Even though our hearts are broken and we have become paranoid, it’s amazing to realize that there remains a special place to still love them again.

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Does God tell you who to marry in a dream?

“God revealed to me that I should marry you.” Just because they had a dream, doesn’t mean it was from the LORD. most often what people claim to be God’s revelation of their future spouse is always a lie, it is drawn from their minds and not a dream from God. therefore, it is without dispute that God doesn’t reveal to you your spouse. He only leads you to find the right person if only you seek His counsel.

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Is judging pastors a sin?

We have all at one moment in life judged pastors based on their actions, which according to us is a misrepresentation of the kingdom of God. Is judging pastors a sin then? To begin with, all the sons of men are subject to fall as they all have weaknesses and not one of us is righteous. So, it is also true for pastors, as they are humans and not angels (even angels are subject to falling) and while under pressure can find themselves succumbing to their carnal nature and end up sinning.

A couple arguing over submission in marriage

Submission in marriage meaning and myths about submission

Submission in marriage should be practiced by both parties in the institution of marriage. The bible is clear, that is both man and woman should submit to each other out of reverence to God (Ephesians 5:21). However, for the sake of order, the man is given the benefit to lead the family as the head. This doesn’t disqualify the woman from playing a role of leadership.

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5 Key things to consider before marriage

Before you ever come to the point of deciding whether to marry him/ her it’s important to talk about the marriage itself and the key things and responsibilities involved in the institute of marriage. Remember marriage is a sacred union and you don’t want to risk your entire life in a bad marriage, that’s why it’s vital to think about this matter. What are the things to consider before marriage?

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10 Single mother pros and cons | Unique single mothers

women are a special part of the creation and the universe at large. They are created with an inherent potential that only resides in them alone. Unlike their male counterparts, they have this unique ability to do things and even solve critical problems. They are outstanding problem solvers. Even though they are blamed for creating most of the problem, it is not true. Humans in their fallen nature are responsible for such

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Can women be pastors? | Are Women Ordained As Bishops?

Can women be pastors, can they even serve in any other capacity in the church, what does the Bible have to say about women pastors, can women serve as church elders, are women ordained as bishops? These are just but a few queries to mention. They are among the most asked questions in the church of Christ. Today I am going to break it down for you by providing you with a balanced biblical approach to this matter.

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#2 Things God hates the most.

From the begging man has always followed his carnal nature, by rebelling against The Eternal one. Therefore, man has ended up being a corrupted being. All the ways of man and the inclination of his heart is evil from childhood.[Genesis 8:21]. Generally, God distastes sin, but there are two things that He hates the most.

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Is kissing while dating wrong? | Is kissing a sin?

As Christians, kissing may not be an issue, but for the sake of our own conscience and that of others [Especially new converts] we should reconsider. If kissing disturbs your conscience, why then do it in the first place. Christ has called us to serve Him with a clear conscience[II Timothy I:3] and anything that defiles the purity of our conscience and body should be refrained from.

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“Stolen waters are sweet”

“come, let us take our fill of love till morning; let us delight ourselves with love. For my husband is not at home; he has gone on a long journey.” And as a fool he follows her, but little does he know that it will cost him his life. This is how sin ensnares us by its craftiness. This young man doesn’t know that she has a track record of the many might men she has laid low and slain, and that her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death.

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Sacredness of the marriage bed

The marriage bed is like a flower where love blossoms. It is in the coming together intimately [sexually], that love develops. When both partners give themselves in complete surrender to the other, a uniting of unparalleled depth takes place. The sexual expression, the cleaving is an excellent producer of oneness. [Genesis 2:24].

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The secret to claim your blessings.

Our blessings are in the heavenly places. However, in this same location, there are demonic entities that operate to oppose the will of God. Therefore, we have to fight through to take hold of that which Christ has promised us. We have to take possession of our territory in which the enemy is currently operating in.

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God is able to keep us from falling.

A true believer of Jesus Christ does not fall into sin. We most often walk into sin/ meddle with sin. We ignore the still small voice (which often sounds like our voice), the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It all begins with a step, we receive warning through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but we ignore and eventually we find ourselves entangled with sin.

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God’s design for marriage

The greatest cause of our society’s troubles is rooted in marriage. Family is the basic unit of any society. It is out of it that we have the society and from the society a nation. If we look deep into the matter, we realize it’s not just marriage that is the problem but the individuals involved in this institution. There is a need for us to understand God’s design for marriage.

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Righteousness by grace

Our loving God is holy and we can not attain this standard of righteousness in our carnal state by good deeds. Righteousness is by grace for it is God who Has justified us through the blood of His son Jesus. So that we might attain His standard of righteousness. His standard is too high that we can not attain.

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The assurance of our salvation | Our predestination

God predestined us to be conformed into the image/likeness of His Son Jesus Christ. He also planned for our salvation, sanctification, and justification in advance, for it is written in Revelation 13:8b “……of the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world.” In God’s mind, Christ had already redeemed us and risen from the grave. “For it is God who commands the ends from the beginning.” (Isaiah 46:10). God had seen the end product already, and when He looks at us, He sees us as glorified (Romans 8:30).

true love must be tested

Love must be tested

As faith is tested, so is love. Anything that is good and valuable in life, is worth being put to a test. Have you ever wondered why most relationships are short-lived (do not last)? This is because such relationships have not been tested/ tried to be found true and pure. A true relationship must be tested to be proved as genuine, one that can withstand pressure and all kind of challenges.

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The truth about sex

Sex is the most amazing experience anyone would love to be a partaker of. It brings joy, fulfillment, and beauty only those involved can tell. It was ordained by God in the garden of Eden. The Bible states it clear that the two of them (Adam and Eve) were naked, and that they felt no shame. “Both the man and his wife were naked yet felt no shame.”

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Vision in a relationship | Marriage goals

Like in any other institution, vision is the motivating and key factor in any relationship. It is well known that “where there is no vision the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18, NIV). The same concept is very critical for any meaningful relationship to work. If it lacks vision, it lacks control and the parties involved end up casting off restraint. You can guess what will happen.

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Your worth as a woman of God

Understanding your worth as a woman is key in personal development. It has become a trending story, people committing suicide because someone said it’s over and “broke their heart”, and others being imprisoned because of assault cases. What is really happening, where have we gone wrong as a society?

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The misconception of love in our society

The secular world has created a picture in our minds that has corrupted our view and definition of love. The world views love on the basis of emotions, they fail to understand that a good relationship is not propelled by emotions that are short-lived, but rather true love. True love should not be about how we feel, but something better and deeper that one can trust and hold onto.