The secular world has created a picture in our minds that has corrupted our view and definition of love. The world views love on the basis of emotions, which is a misconception of love. They fail to understand that a good relationship is not propelled by emotions that are short-lived, but rather true love. True love should not be about how we feel. It should be but something better and deeper that one can trust and hold onto.

The misconception of love in our society

Relationships that are based on emotions do not last; they are temporal. The truth of the matter is that such relationships are trigged out of LUST and not love. The secular world does not differentiate between love and lust. To them, love is a matter of hard-core sex and emotions.

The reason why the divorce rate is too high in our society is that the foundation of such marriage relationships is built on shifting sand. At some point in the relationship, the couple realizes that the entire thing isn’t working anymore. They are no longer in love because they don’t feel it anymore. The problems we are facing in our society can be attributed to the failure of the basic unit of our society, the family. We should engage for the right reasons and out of true love if we are looking forward to having a better future.

Love is the beauty of the soul.”

Saint Augustine
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Emotions and lust as the driving force to love

The majority of us found ourselves in relationships out of our emotions and lust. Most of the time we hook up in relationships driven by longings and a desire of affection to feel loved, to fit in, and lustful behaviors that we may not be aware of. You meet this beautiful lady or handsome gentleman and you find yourself drawn to them by their physical appearance, even to some extent allowing your mind to go wild and fantasize about having them on your bed.

If by any chance you hook up with such a lady or gentleman, at some point in your relationship you will realize that what motivated you into such a relationship was the lust of the eye because of the beauty that you saw and admired. At this point in life, you also realize that the romance has faded away and that you are no longer attached to your partner. It’s sad news, is it?

The majority, especially ladies are propelled by an impression made on them at their early stage through the media (soap-opera) and fantasized love stories. The same ideal still propels them in their adulthood making them targets of heartbreak. They eventually end up compromising since they are in need of affection.

People need the right information to make the right judgment. The Bible declares that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” (Hosea 4:6, NIV)

Our role in defining love

We are living in times where parents are ignorant of addressing some fundamental matters to their children. This has forced their children to seek advice from the wrong sources; the media and their peers. As the Bible states clear, parents that reject knowledge transfer their ignorance to innocent children. Our God can not have any fellowship with ignorant priests. The Bible acknowledges us high priests (I Peter 2:9-10)

The call of parenting is one that requires high integrity and faithfulness to the process of bringing up godly off-springs.

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