Why marry if you will end up divorced? No one gets married expecting to be divorced. I believe everyone is willing to fight for their marriage if they truly value their spouse and the institution of marriage as a whole.

Why marry if you will end up divorced?

There are many reasons why people divorce and our consistent failure to address these issues is what escalates the chances of divorce in most marriages.

The major causes of divorce in Christian marriages include a lack of submission, lack of sex drive, money, addictions, family intrusion, matters of faith, and a communication breakdown.

Major causes of divorce in Christian marriages

1).  Money

This tends to happen especially when the woman starts earning more than her husband. That is why it is important for men to work hard to remain relevant in the household. It is a dangerous thing when your wife becomes the breadwinner. Women can provide for their families short term, but they will not want to continue doing so, especially if there is an able man in the house. You are transferring masculinity to her and this is not healthy for any marriage.

2).  Communication Breakdown

By consistently failing to address any issue that shows up in the marriage, you are setting up yourselves for a disaster. That is why communication is essential in any marriage relationship.

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3).  Matters of faith

If you got married to an unbeliever, then don’t be surprised when they choose to divorce you. The Bible warns that there is no relationship between darkness and light. (2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 7:1)

4). A lack of sex drive

Many Christian marriages are starved of sexual intimacy which plays a key role in cementing the marriage. You can check out my list of recommended sex positions to spice up things.

5).  The lack of submission

With the present feminist ideology, it is becoming difficult for married women to submit to their husbands, even in Christian marriages. This defies God’s structure for Christian marriage. Feminism is destroying many marriages as it lies to women they can act like men and suppresses the masculinity of real men. And men are becoming more feminist while women are masculine.

6).  Addictions

Any form of addiction is detrimental to healthy marriages. Porn addiction is a major issue today and a great contributor to most Christian divorces. People are going too far in the name of spicing the marriage bed, introducing strangers into a sacred union.

7).  Family intrusion

Marriage is a union between two and a third party is a disadvantage to this union. You should set clear boundaries with your in-laws concerning your marriage, lest they take over and ruin it.

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