The greatest cause of our society’s troubles is rooted in “marriage”. Family is the basic unit of society. It is out of family that we have the society and from the society a nation. If we look deep into the matter, we realize it’s not just marriage that is the problem but the individuals involved in this institution.

All the social vises ranging from promiscuity, drug abuse, insult, and many others can be solved if the foundation of marriage is built on the solid rock (Christ) and not on shifting sand.

The only institution God began in this universe was marriage and not a government or society, but two perfect individuals in a holy marriage from whom children would be sired. It is out of family that societies were to be build so as to subdue the earth.

Wrong relationships as the enemy’s strategy

The enemy deceived the woman and sin destroyed the foundation of this holy marriage leading to failures in marriages to this very day. The enemy seeks to destroy marriages to this present day and he achieves this through bad relationships. He deceives us into bad relationships which leads to broken marriages, and this is his goal. He knows that God intended marriage to be Holy so that out of such, godly offspring might be sired.

The enemy’s strategy is to cause good, loving children of God to end up in mess-up relations, with born again individuals but with whom they are not compatible. He then inspires a vision in the woman that is contrary to the man’s vision, hence bringing division in the marriage.

The enemy paralyzing man’s authority.

He also paralyzes the man’s ability to lead the family by causing him to compromise the foundations of his relationship either through fornication, adultery or something of such kind. His intention is to deprive/ steal man’s authority as the head of the family. Men are therefore rent reckless and ineffective in performing and accomplishing their divine purpose as the head (spiritual authority – priests) in their families.