Should a man lust after his wife? I want to believe what you mean by ‘lusting after his wife’ is to allude to the husband being obsessed sexually with his wife, and not necessarily pornifying her, nor the marriage bed. People may lust after many things, and that desire may lead to doom. For example, the lust or love of money or the lust or even chasing after a married person other than your partner.

Should a man lust after his wife?
Should a man lust after his wife?

In the context of Christian marriage, it is not sinful to be obsessed with your wife or even her body. Remember, I said your wife, not your girlfriend. The wise man Solomon exalted that her breast should satisfy your desire all day long. I believe this is not limited to the marriage bed for a Christian couple. It is proven that the greatest sexual organ is your brain. For this reason, I don’t see any problem with you thinking about your wife’s body or the sexual experience you had with her.

A husband should be consumed with his wife’s body

It is not wrong for a husband to be obsessed/ lust after his wife. He should think of her and be consumed by her love and passion and not another’s, for she is his gift from God. Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 teaches that the wife’s body belongs to her husband and the husband’s body/ vessel belongs to her. No one has authority over their body except their partner, and for this reason, couples should not deprive each other.

When the Bible says her body belongs to him, it also means her flower- that is her vagina or pussy and breast belong to him. They are for his sexual pleasure in honor of God’s design of sexual relations. His sexual organ or vessel – which is his penis and his masculine strength – is for his wife, to satisfy her sexual desire and inclinations. Therefore, each should give themselves fully to each other, and be obsessed, awakened, and satisfied by their partner.

Her body should drive you crazy. Giving her pleasure and sexual satisfaction should be the center of your focus on the marriage bed.

How far is too far while lusting after your wife?

However, this obsession should not be destructive or disrespectful. As much as you are obsessed with her body, you should remember she is a coheir with Christ and you should handle her with care and honor. As much as her body is for your desire, that doesn’t permit you to abuse her sexually and treat her as a slut. Sex and pleasure should be honorable and not perverted. For this reason, a man should not lust after his wife’s anus, for anal sex. Since this is unrespectful, painful, unhealthy, and harmful to the relationship

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Pursue each other intimately

A man should chase after his wife [Songs of Solomon 1:4] as well as the wife should do the same. Let them be consumed with each other’s love, passion, and sexual intimacy. Every part of her body is holy and beautiful, and it should make you want her more and more each day. Her eyes, hair, teeth, breast, neck to kiss, cheeks, and all of her. [Song of Solomon 4:1-5].

How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes behind your veil are doves. Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Mount Gilead.
Your teeth are like a flock of sheep just shorn, coming up from the washing. Each has its twin; not one of them is alone.

Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon; your mouth is lovely. Your temples behind your veil are like the halves of a pomegranate. Your neck is like the tower of David, built with elegance; on it hang a thousand shields, all of them shields of warriors. Your two breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies.

Song of Solomon 4:1-5

Her lips should make you drunk with and in love. They should give you pleasure kissing them and love them more. [Songs of Solomon 4:11]

Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue. The fragrance of your garments is like that of Lebanon.
Songs of Solomon 4:11

Would you prefer your husband to be obsessed and awakened by your beautiful body and boobs, or his secretary’s or another woman? It should be you and your body alone, this is an honor and a privilege, so be happy that he only wants no one else but you, his gorgeous wife.

Should a man lust after his wife? What is your opinion? Let me know it in the comment section below.

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