How Instagram and TikTok are promoting nudity and pornography
How Instagram and TikTok are promoting nudity and pornography.

Instagram and TikTok have recently gained popularity among the youth and children, especially during the lockdown. With the search bar on Instagram, you can search for the most trending topics in almost every category. The search content continually changes on the feeds page every few minutes.

These platforms are a back-door to all forms of nudity and even porn despite the Instagrams nudity policy which no one follows. Pornography which is linked to sex trafficking is highly thriving on this platform. This should sound public concern, especially since kids who are the most vulnerable group, have access to the platform.

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How the Instagram algorithm works in promoting porn and nudity.

To make your photos and videos outstanding on any social media platform including Instagram, some choose to use nudes to attract thousands of views. As a result, the algorithm automatically pushes this content to the first page. Their algorithm is optimized for specific keywords, some of which promote nudity.

Even though there are two factors to consider. One is how the Instagram algorithm works, they most often feature content related to the keywords for your search. If you have been searching for beautiful women, then the feeds will automatically show more content of women’s photos and videos.

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Another thing, I believe Instagram has little or no control over what its audience does with the platform despite having a nudity policy. People choose to post their nudes willingly to attract more views, hence increasing the sale of products or linking people to external porn and dating sites.

Results from simple research on the relationship between Instagram and porn.

I researched the explicit content on Instagram. The results were alarming!

I tried the most common keywords any young person would search for on the platform. They included: women, woman, sex, and porn. Youths are naturally curious and for this reason, they will attempt to search for any of the above keywords.


These results may differ from one device to another based on your location and other factors.

Each keyword came out with surprising results of 100% nudity, and even pornographic content available on the app. None of these Instagram accounts was private which calls for greater concern.

1. keyword – women

On typing the keyword women on the search bar in Instagram, the following were the results;

How Instagram and TikTok are promoting nudity and pornography

The account @most_beautiful_black_women ranked on position 2 for this keyword, and it is not a private account.

How Instagram and TikTok are promoting nudity and pornography

This account contained various nudes.

2. Second keyword – woman

The account @woman appeared as one of the top results.

How Instagram and TikTok are promoting nudity and pornography

This keyword had also contained explicit content. The account promotes other individual accounts that contain links to adults sites, especially dating sites.

3. Third keyword – sex

@ilovesexbbe ranked on position three on searching for the keyword sex.

sex keyword in Instagram

This account contained Porn videos and sexually explicit photos. It seems this account is promoting several adult sites by instructing you to click on the bio of each promoted account.

4. Keyword – porn

Using this keyword you will find countless accounts promoting nudity. Here is the evidence;

porn keyword in Instagram

The account @ssexy_3152 contained extremely explicit nude photos and links to advertised dating sites.

Another account @r18.memes contained links to adults sites.

Most of these accounts contain external links to either a dating site or a porn site.

I created a fake account on TikTok to test the effectiveness of Instagram and TikTok filters to protect its audience from exploitation and nudity. The results were shocking. I then uploaded a porn video on TikTok using the fake account and within a few hours, the account on TikTok was pulled down from the platform. It seemed to me the TikTok filters could detector pure pornography. On the contrary, posting pure nudes of women in bikinis but topless on Instagram is no big deal. The system has normalized it.

These platforms are not safe for children, and this is a social concern. We are exposing innocent children to a lifestyle and culture that doesn’t care about morals and decency at all.

The relationship between social media, child exploitation, and sex trafficking.

Every social media giant including Instagram should strongly regulate the type of content posted on their apps. They should prioritize the protection of innocent lives from exploitation and evil such as sex trafficking. There is a great evil that lurks behind every social media giant. Its main motive is to exploit and manipulate innocent lives.

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The same is true with the TikTok platform. Even though there might be some genuine comedy clips, most of them are extreme. Most of these clips are full of nudity and vulgar language that are stimuli to porn. Women show off their bodies inappropriately, dancing with only a bikini, and society has simply normalized it as if it doesn’t affect the internet consumers.

kids struggling with porn
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How to protect your children and yourself from the evils of social media

The internet has revolutionized how we live and interact with each other. It has great benefits as it has created many jobs and business opportunities, moreover making communication timely, accurate, and reliable from anywhere on the globe. With such infrastructure, there lurks behind it great manipulation and exploitation by men driven by greed. That’s why we need to protect our children from social media platforms.

Deleting these apps seems to be the best way to protect children from porn and exposure to nudity. However, in the long run, this won’t help a lot. It should be every parent’s obligation to regulate what content is right for their kids, and this should begin with television programs they spend hours watching. There should be a regulation of how much time one spends on Instagram and other social media platforms. This will involve a great deal of personal discipline. May God help us, and have mercy on this generation.


As much as we accuse social media giants of profanity, we have to admit that we are the cause of the problem and not Instagram or any social media giant. These companies have provided a platform where we can interact and even do business. Instead, we have turned the apps porn sites of some sought. We are the very people responsible for posting nudes and porn materials on the platform. Consequently, making the internet an unhealthy environment for our children and the next generation.

We get back what we give. And this has moral damage on the young and the generations to come. The reason is that content on the internet is permanent, and you have no control over it once it’s out there. The internet is a reflection of our society’s ignorance and state. We need to be responsible and take action.

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