Sex dreams are very common and the symbolic meaning may differ greatly based on the context of your dream. It is good to consider the type of sex, how it is being done, and with whom you are involved. Using the Bible, the inspired word of God, we can define the meaning of the sex dreams symbolism.

Sex is more spiritual than it is physical. The imagery of sex dreams is not to be taken literally, as it is symbolic. It most often symbolizes spiritual defilement. God may reveal sexual dreams to show us the state of our hearts, our true selves.

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Christian meaning of sex dreams interpretation
“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” 
(Hebrews 13:4, ESV)

I remember God revealing to me dreams about other people who were having sex or being taken advantage of sexually. At first, I thought of the symbolism literally, however, God prompted me to dig into His word and realized the symbolism of sexual dreams meant ‘defilement’ and was also a picture of uniting to become one.

What are the causes of sex dreams?

a. Normal sexual rhythms

Sex dreams can be due to normal sexual rhythms within your body, meaning it is a natural call of your body. For example, most women tend to experience a higher sexual desire and arousal around 14 days to and 7 days after menstruation due to strong sexual tensions caused by hormonal fluctuations. Hence, such dreams reveal the condition of your body and its needs.

b. A perverted and evil heart.

Your sexual dreams may reflect a perverted and evil heart and mind, hence, you need to repent and walk-in mental, physical, and spiritual purity.

Sex dreams are also meant to terrify us of our carnal nature and sinful lives.

c. Demonic activities.

The dream may also be involving demonic entities, probably because you are living in sin, or you were previously living in sexual sin and never received deliverance.

d. The dream is symbolic.

This is not a cause but explains the intended purpose of your sexual dreams. Therefore, the dream is symbolic. Most biblical dreams are symbolic, and this can be the case with your dreams.

The imagery of sex in a dream is meant to symbolize an aspect of your personality. For example, if you are a gossiper you will dream of having oral sex in different locations and with different individuals of your caliber.

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Types of sex dreams and their interpretation.

1. Biblical meaning of having sex with a stranger. (Spiritual husbands and spiritual wives).

To begin with, there is nothing like a spiritual husband or spiritual wife. What you see in your dreams are simply demonic entities that forcefully play the role of a spouse. I remember God opening my spiritual eyes, and I saw the actual appearance of these marine spirits.

The key thing to consider is how the symbolism is used in such a context. If the stranger is forcing you into the act, then you have to pay close attention to this dream. It might symbolize a demonic entity that is trying to take advantage of you. They achieve this by paralyzing you, rendering you defenseless. The male sex demon is called an incubus while the female sex demon is called a succubus.

Most often you wake up very wet and assume it was just a wet dream. However, the truth is that you were making love to demonic entities. I don’t believe in wet dreams, it’s just a lie they thought you in schools. We have all heard of spiritual husbands and spiritual wives. These are the same entities that present themselves in our dreams. What we call spiritual spouses are simply marine spirits, who play the role of a spouse in your dream.

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They can put on a false identity of someone familiar to you, probably your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you have been having such dreams you should pray against them and plead the blood of Jesus Christ upon your life. Do the same every time you go to bed.

When I was a porn addict, I used to experience such evil dreams. However, when God delivered me, the whole thing stopped. We should all know that the act of sex is more spiritual than it is physical. Some of you have sired children with demons without your knowledge. That’s why you are having many relationship issues as these demonic entities claim you as their spouse and are very jealous and can’t allow you to move with anyone.

2. Biblical meaning of having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream.

In interpreting this dream you have to take into consideration the context of such a dream and the state of our minds by the time you were about to sleep. 

If you had been thinking about him or her, then it is possible to fantasize about the two of you making love. The dream is a consequence of your thought.

But if you have never thought of each other sexually or in that manner, then the symbolism might mean something different. We all know that the Bible doesn’t approve of fornication. This dream may be warning you to be watchful as the enemy seeks to tempt you to fornicate. It may also mean you should be more watchful of your thoughts and how you are relating in your relationship.

It may also symbolize a demonic entity in the shadows of your lover. That is, the entity takes their appearance to easily seduce you to make love with him in the dream.

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3. Spiritual meaning of having sex with your father in a dream.

The symbolism of a father always represents a spiritual authority over our lives, as they are the head of the family and symbolize protection and provision. Therefore, we need to be very careful while interpreting such a dream based on its context.

a) Your father raping you in a dream.

This dream reflects a disturbing situation in your waking life. Your father may symbolize authority over you. This person is pushing you beyond limits and straining you to do something you hate such as forcing you to achieve his youth goals which he never managed to achieve. This feels as if you are being taken advantage of, hence the symbolism of rape in your dream.

The dream can be evil especially if you are living in sin. The Bible condemns the sexual union between a father and a daughter. (Leviticus 18:10, 18:15).

“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your son's daughter or your daughter's daughter, for their nakedness is your nakedness.” 
Leviticus 18:10, ESV

The sex dream may indicate there is a perversion in the family and you need to pray about it. If your father is not born again, then you should pray for him as he might be perverted.

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b) Spiritual meaning of your father breaking your virginity in a dream.

Your virginity is reserved for no one else but your future husband and him alone. The symbolism indicates great marital difficulties as you have made a covenant with your father through the shedding of blood, which has the power to bind you together as one. Sex is used to consummate a marriage, cleaving the two to becoming one flesh.

This is the reason why most ladies are still in their father’s house and have never found a life partner, and if they do the marriage doesn’t last, they always end up divorced and back to their father’s house, it’s a cycle. The covenant they made with their father sexually and unaware opposes those unions. If your father practices witchcraft, then he might have done so to put you under his authority and to gain more power.

God may be revealing to you what conspired, and the reason why you have been having marital difficulties to pray about it to be delivered in Jesus’ name.

c) Having an intimate sexual act with your father.

In this case, he doesn’t force you, you consent to it. It means you are going to have a renewed relationship with him, probably if you had previous differences. It is not an evil dream for God has called us to the ministry of reconciliation. (2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

The dream can also reflect that there are various aspects of your father you admire a lot, such as him being hardworking and caring. This is what your dream is trying to convey using sex imagery.

4) Biblical meaning of having sex with your mother in a dream.

A mother represents a caring and nurturing character in your life as she carried you in her womb for nine months and she has nurtured you this far.

a) Your mother forcing you to have sex or you forcing her into the act.

The dream implies she is forcing you to take up character traits you are not comfortable with. Or in other words, she has become too involved in your affairs until she feels she has control over everything you do, hence overpowering. This act is greatly condemned in the scriptures.

It might also be an evil dream if you are living in sin.

“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father, which is the nakedness of your mother; she is your mother, you shall not uncover her nakedness. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father's wife; it is your father's nakedness.” 

Leviticus 18:7-8, ESV

b) Having very intimate sex with your mother.

The symbolism in this context means that you are going to reconcile with her if you had previous issues, and also you are going to have a better and strong relationship and friendship with her.

It may also mean there are various aspects of your mother’s character you admire, such as her strength, calmness, kindness, etc. This is what your dream is trying to convey using sex imagery.

A man dreaming having sex with his girlfriend

5. Spiritual meaning of having sex with your brother or sister in a dream.

Your brother or sister is the closest person you have in your life. The person you have spent your childhood together. We should also consider the context from which the dream is drawn.

a) Raping your sister or tricking her to have sex with you in a dream.

“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister, your father's daughter, or your mother's daughter, whether brought up in the family or another home.”
(Leviticus 18:9, ESV)
“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father's wife's daughter, brought up in your father's family since she is your sister.” 
Leviticus 18:11

It may mean there is a perverted spirit operating in your heart and you need to pray about it and repent to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

If you have been entertaining such thoughts or probably you have not been relating with your sister properly, then the dream is a warning for you to seek to have a renewed mind and start relating with her in purity. It is only a perverse man who can lay with his sister and defile her in that manner, hence dishonoring himself.

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If you are having an intimate sexual dream with your brother or sister, then it means that just as the sexual act is intimate, your renewed relationship will be so too. Sex in this dream represents intimacy and renewed healthy bonding.

6. Having sex with your cousin and other family members in a dream.

Considering the context, the dream might be evil or have a significant meaning based on the following scriptures.

“None of you shall approach any one of his close relatives to uncover nakedness. I am the Lord.”
Leviticus 18:6 

The dream may also indicate renewed family unions. However, you need to pray against such dreams as they are most often evil.

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7. Spiritual meaning of having sex with an angel in a dream.

Angels are appointed as ministering spirits to those who are of the seed of Abraham by faith and not flesh (Hebrews 1:14). They can take the form of humans. In the Bible, we see the sons of God who defiled themselves with the daughters of men.

“The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.” 

Genesis 6:2

From this, we know that angels can be tempted and they also have desires. This is true as they lusted after the mortal women.

Having sex with an angel symbolizes the highest form of perversion that has ever existed since the beginning of time. It is a forbidden sexual relationship. Probably you are being seduced into having fellowship with the devil for he turns himself an angel of light. You are also being initiated in cultism and demonic worship or even witchcraft.

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8. Lesbian and homosexual sex in a dream.

This dream has two distinct meanings based on your dream context. One, the sex dream represents a facet of your personality, a piece of you. In reality, the dream is about you, because you are more willing to give in to your carnal urges. The person you are having sex with is yourself, and you’re more concerned with satisfying/ fulfilling yourself than with satisfying your spirit, building your inner person.

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Secondly, The Lord detests such acts as they are perverse. God created sex to be a special gift of marriage between a man and woman, and not a man and another man or a woman and another woman.

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” 
Leviticus 18:22

The symbolism in this dream may indicate that you are being initiated into witchcraft as this is what they do when transferring authority to family members. 

You need to pray against such dreams and plead the blood of Jesus that can set you free from every satanic yoke. [John 8:36]

9. Biblical meaning of having sex with an animal in a dream.

The Bible condemns bestiality as it is a perverted and unnatural union. The beast can’t consent to the act, hence its rights are abused.

“And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is a perversion.” 
Leviticus 18:23

This dream symbolizes initiation into witchcraft and satanism. It can also mean you are very perverted and you need to recheck your thoughts. It might also symbolize sin in your life that is detestable as the act of bestiality. Pray and repent of your sins to receive redemption for your soul.

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10. A dog licking your private parts in a dream.

When you see a dog chasing you in a dream, and in the next scene it licks your private parts, then you need to be very prayerful because you are being defiled.

The dog is symbolic as it represents the lustful men who have been chasing after your body to fornicate with you. Drawing the symbolism from the mating behavior of dogs, we know that a female dog may be mated by over twenty dogs in a day. The men you are fornicating with are symbolized as “dogs”. This dream may be reflecting your true self especially if you have been living a life of fornication.

“Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”
Revelation 22:15

Just as the act of dogs licking your private parts is disgusting for you to even think of, so is your lifestyle of fornication detestable before God. God is calling you to repentance. You need to stop fornicating and seek to be freed through the blood of Jesus Christ. God can deliver you if only you let Him.

11. Biblical meaning of having sex with your spouse in a dream.

It is wise to interpret this dream based on your feeling in the dream and its context. The dream may indicate your desire to be with your partner especially if they have recently traveled or are living in a distant city.

It may also indicate your desire for more sex if you are not satisfied sexually with your partner. In this case, you should talk to your spouse about it and your deep sexual desires.

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“Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” 

I Corinthians 7:5

It may symbolize your appreciation of the intimate sexual relationship you are having with your spouse. Since in the physical you greatly enjoy the sex, your mind may end up bringing it up in your dreams as sweet memories. This is a good and healthy dream. Such dreams should not be ignored at all.

12. Sleeping with an old woman in a dream.

Dreaming of having sex with an old woman is another sign of bondage to a spiritual spouse. After this dream, you begin having uncontrolled lust for old women, which eventually causes you to neglect your wife.

This inclination to have sex with old women is unnatural. It causes you to flirt around with old married and single people. The dream kills your natural desire for your wife or women of your age; hence it is demonic.

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13. Biblical meaning of having sex with a woman with male organs.

The dream reflects a picture of someone faking their identity or character. Probably, you trust a friend who made you believe they were someone they are not. This is why you see the changing identity.

Just the same way someone will pretend to be a man while in the actual sense she is a female. The dream reflects on the subject of betrayal, as you trusted the wrong person.

14. Having oral sex in a dream.

Oral sex in a dream reflects something that relates to your mouth. It may have to do with your habits, such as criticism, gossiping, or talking negatively about yourself.

Since oral sex is done by the use of your mouth, it is a clear indication that in your waking life you are sinning with your mouth. Be careful with what you say about yourself or others.

15. Dreaming of having sex with a celebrity.

Dreaming of having sex with a celebrity reflects your obsession and desire toward that person. You may be attracted to them due to a specific aspect of their personality that your spouse lacks. Perhaps, the male celebrity is more handsome and masculine than your husband. Or probably, the female celebrity is more fair and independent than your wife. Whatever attracts you to that celebrity may differ from person to person.

This has the effect of drawing your heart and affection away from your spouse. You become attached to fantasy, that’s why it manifests in your dreams. This act is sinful, as you are lusting after a stranger. Be realistic and learn to be contented with what you have, because it’s the best.

16. Dreaming of your high school friends having sex.

This dream indicates that you are currently feeling so out of place as though you have been left out. Others seem to be enjoying life just as one would enjoy the act of intimacy. Try your best to examine your current situation and how it relates to this dream. Perhaps you feel you are stranded as everyone you know including your classmates have made it in life or are way far ahead of you in life.

17. Dreaming of having sex with a familiar person.

Most often when you dream of having sex with a familiar person it reflects your desire for a certain aspect of their personality traits that you lack, or feel insufficient in. For example, I used to dream of having very intimate and intense sex with my university lecturer, yet in waking life, we had never related in any way. She used to be very eloquent, bold, and smart. These were the traits I needed as I was finding it a challenge to make YouTube videos as I was not as eloquent as I desired.

However, if you have feelings for this person, then the dream is drawn from your fantasies about them. This happens a lot especially when you have a hard crush on your boss, colleagues, friends, coach, etc. Therefore, work on your mind and heart.

What happens when you have sex in a dream?

  1. Spiritual spouses, which are simply marine spirits cause stagnation in your life.
  2. If you were to attend a job interview but end up dreaming of having sex, then you will be disqualified from the position you are applying for.
  3. When you have sex in your dreams before exams, then you are doomed to fail.
  4. Dreaming of having sex with strangers while in a relationship leads to all kinds of struggles in that relationship.
  5. Having sex in your dreams while married leads to infidelity and eventually divorce. They are responsible for most marital failures.
  6. The sexual activity in your dreams brings you rejection.
  7. This also causes business failure and bankruptcy.
  8. These dreams bring diseases, such as erectile dysfunction and other health issues.
  9. They can lead to miscarriages.

How to be delivered from evil sex dreams.

1. Consider dedicating your dream (through an offering) to God for destruction and for your protection. You can use the PayPal button below for the dedication.

But nothing that a man owns and devotes to the LORD, whether man or animal or family land, may be sold or redeemed; everything so devoted is most holy to the LORD. No person devoted to destruction may be ransomed; he must be put to death. 
Leviticus 27:28-29

2. You must be born again by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. (Romans 10:9-10). Now that you are born again ask God to free you.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 
(II Corinthians 3:17)
“So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” 
John 8:36

God can give you the power to overcome any struggle and evil power through the blood of Jesus Christ His Son.

“I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you.”
(Luke 10:19, ESV)
Christian meaning of having sex in dreams? | Sex dreams Christian interpretation
A YouTube video on the Christian meaning of sex dreams and their interpretation.

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  1. Good day pastor, I see myself having sex with strange men, the most painful part is I always agree when they ask me of it.
    And I always feel it when I wake up

  2. Good day sir,

    After praying in the night, I even prayed about evil dream, I slept and I was in a sexual encounter with a stranger, I was trying to penetrate but wasn’t able too. I was asking the lady why am I not penetrating and she said I wasn’t hard, I stood up angrily and I woke up and I was normal. Please, I need the interpretation of this dream

    1. The dream is symbolic. It represents a lack of breakthrough in prayer or life, because you are not committed enough ( just as you can’t penetrate a woman without a good erection).

      You can fill the form on the contact page so that I may look further into the dream

      1. Hello
        I have been having sex in the dream and the man releases into me. This happens often even when I fast. I sometimes see children around me and even a man tells me if I don’t want to give birth he will leave me and I will agree to give birth in a dream.

        1. Cecilia, you have a spiritual spouse issue. These demonic entities are taking advantage of you and using you to give birth to demonic kids in the spirit. You need to be delivered as soon as possible.

          Consider dedicating yourself to God for protection as well dedicate to destroy the spiritual spouse issue. Find information about dedication on the donation page. Thank you

  3. Hi Joshua,
    I dreamed about my mom having sex with her uncle. Feels like she has been tortured by him. Its was by force. I was calling everyone to come help me to bring her out off the room. I saw her little sisters crying (but they was just faking) but didn’t do anything to rescue her. So i call my big sister and told her: this time you going to do something. Go and set her free from the uncle. >> when we arrived in front of the the door we heard that she was suffering. She opened the door a little bit then i saw her naked almost at the doggy position. The uncle was penetrating her in the back. When i saw her i said : that’s exactly what i have saw in my dream, vision. Then i said: , look at me, it’s me your daughter .>> and she replied: and then what?

    1. I am sorry for having to watch that in the dream. It might be possible that your mom is a victim of rape, or perhaps, the dream is a warning of future events, therefore pray against it.

      The brutal sex imagery may also reflect that your mom’s uncle is trying to dominate her life and control her. Try to reflect what is happening in her life and family with the dream and see if it relates.

  4. Please I need your help concerning having sex in the dream. I have been told I have a spiritual spouse and I’m from the marine kingdom. Iam born again, a strong follower of Christ. For the last 4 years I have been celibate, I have gone for a lot of deliverance, I even pray on my own for deliverance too, but this sex dreams are refusing to stop. Sometimes it will act like it has stopped other times it will come back. Now I’m worried as iam expecting a huge testimony this week and I have been praying strongly about it but the devil is not resting. I have been having uncountable sex dreams even after pleading the blood of Jesus and reading the Bible for protection. Please what do I do about this. Thank you

    1. It might be true you have a spiritual spouse, and this might be tied to a family altars or a curse in your family which gives these demons a legal right of operation in your life. Where are you from, I can suggest a good place where you can be delivered, and this will stop completely. You can also consider filling in the contact form on the contact page.

  5. Greetings sir
    I had a dream of a stranger.. I don’t know him in real life and even in a dream..we talked first and he showed me that he’s an artist he can draw. And that he’s a pharmaceutical student..then later on we had sex but the confusing part is he didn’t take his pants off but we did it..after that he saw a friend of mine then he acted weird same thing applied to my friend cause she was also surprised that we were together.. the guy lost interest in me and decided to leave me
    What does this mean?

  6. Good day .
    I have be having sex in dream for the long now. It often happens when I am expecting something. I am expecting something great again today and I dreamt that I am my girlfriend wanted to have sex in dream because in the dream and real life, it has been long we had sex, so we were both so happy that we want to have sex after a long time. She pulled down my boxer a little and wanted to take my p€##is out , I immediately feel pressed and quickly stood up and was rushing to the toilet when I released on myself. The worst thing is that I can’t help myself when the sperm is about to come out and I always wake up in the middle of ejaculating every time I had Sex in dream .please help me interpret this. I am so confused

    1. Just to get you right. Did you mean that you usually have sex with your girlfriend? Is she your wife? If she is not, then you are living in sin, a life of fornication and this is the cause of your stagnation. Sin destroys everything.

      “because in the dream and real life, it has been long we had sex, so we were both so happy that we want to have sex after a long time.”

      1. She is not yet my wife and I don’t sleep with girls.I mean I don’t cheat .but different girls keep coming to have sex with me on dreams expeciacially when I am expecting something good. And I did not penetrate her but I still release sperm

        1. Good evening sir.I’m having sex dream long for a now there’s nothing that I will do an he go come in the good way.and when i the pray tight the thing go stop.and the day that i miss forgot to pray I’m having sexy dream

  7. good day sir, i am struggling to interpret this dreams. i recently dreamt of a fire on a braai stand but the was nothing on it and then the smoke from the fire came straight to in my nose and i woke up,

    and again today i dreamed that i was left with two babies at home but they both started acting evil and one literally forcefully had sex with me, i prayed over it but i still want to know what it means…
    thank you in advance

      1. Hi sir ,I’m having dreams of having sex in the dream with unkown humans ,and I do find my self attending the secondary school I graduated from ,pls help interpret

  8. Hello, please I need your help.

    I’ve been having sexual affairs unintentionally in my Dreams and upon waking up – I always felt depressed and allergic to what I have done.

    The one that happened to me earlier was when I had a contract with someone, then this spiritual forces emerges to destroy the work. For some days now, the client involved haven’t respond, and this is the 1st contract I’ve gotten since I started my blogging business.

    Additionally, I was delivered few days ago from spiritual bondage as I was having strange illness which begin after I was beheaded in the dream.

    I also got the same dream today — spiritual forces led me into a sexual act, then I saw myself killed in the dream.

    Please this is critical.

    What can I do to liberate myself from this spiritual onslaught?

    1. Daniel, It seems there is a marine spirit that has been assigned to destroy the works of your hands and kill you. Therefore, you need to pray again the spirit of death and dedicate to destroy it on the altar of the living God. Raise a sacrifice again the demonic attacks.

      Also, dedicate your business to God for protection and establishment. God is faithful keep on trusting in Him and calling on him. You can find information about dedication on the blog, home, and donation page.

      I will stand with you in prayers. May God give you the desires of your heart.

  9. Hello,
    Wondering if you can help interpret. Here is some context….

    I called out of work today…just because. I work for a union and I have sick days I can use to cover me. I convinced my husband to let me enjoy the day off. My husband and I were intimate last night…I didn’t fully orgasm thru sex …I had a little left so i took care of it myself quickly. Idk of that is even Considered masturbation considering the context was us being intimate. Anyway, this morning I had a dream I was at work…cats were drawn to me. 4 of them came up to me and sat on my work cart and slept. (I do like cats) In the dream my boss tells me to stop what I’m doing and go clean up a mess. So, I went upstairs to this room and when I got there 2 guys that I knew from highschool were sleeping there. 1 of them I had a sexual relationship with, and the other wanted an intimate relationship with me back then but it never happened, I had no attraction to him. I wasn’t saved in highschool. I said my hellos and how are you…the one I slept with in past commented on my nice body shape….but nothing sexual happened with them in the dream. Im walking away and my boss finds me …they were getting upset thay I’m taking to long with the task.. I ignore her.. Next scene I’m with my husband. Were driving and I tell him that I seen those 2 guys and that we were cordial but nothing happened. He believed me(he is an awesome man very loyal and trusting)and only said yeah I remeber u telling me of him and he hinted I need to be careful. Next scene in the dream I’m in bed with my spouse. We tried to be intimate but something distracted us….then next scene I’m being attacked by a spirit. I’m thinking my husband is on top of me but when I open my eyes I see a blond hair woman woth short hair. I’m like your not my husband, get off of me”..she is trying to put male genitals in me(she had not entered me yet) and as I’m fighting this thing I’m calling on Jesus for help cuz I know it’s an attack…finally I grab the genitals and with my pointer finger I use all my strength and rip the genitals into 2 pieces. Then all of a sudden I’m outside of this same building and I see a woman who is the mother of an ex whom I had 4 kids with, she used to practice Spanish witchcraft often, but she was murdered 10 years ago after we broke up. In the dream I was surprised she was alive. She was going to see her grandkids in a daycare….I thought to myself I wonder if she trying to see my 4 boy’s as well…it concerned me. I said hello to her ..she came over to me…I told her I thought she was dead…she said she was sick but is getting better. I apologized to her for any bad behavior I showed with her in the past when I was with her son as a young teenage girl. She HATED ME so much when I was with her son. She didn’t like that I was white but not at all in general either. It was alot of hurt and drama then I experienced. So idk why I apologized to her in the dream because when I got saved I prayed for her soul often knowing her hatred and witchcraft she did. Well in the dream my husband is with us the whole time Im speaking to her….for some reason I don’t introduce him to her. I hugged her…apologized got into a van with my husband, and as were driving I apologize to him for not introducing her. He understood why it may not have crossed my mind. As were driving I ask him if he seen the dream I did…and it turns out in this dream a couple of the scenes were dreams in a dream…in the dream my husband seen my dreams in his sleep as well. We shared the same demonic attack dreams.

    It was very strange, but I woke up and felt led to rebuke jezebel specifically. Cuz it was a woman trying to Penetrait me. Do you have any interpretaion of all this? I’m trying to blend it all together for a meaning of what God’s trying to show me. He often speaks to me in dream prophetically in regards to present or future matters.

    I know this was long, Thank you for taking the time to read this and give me your thoughts.

    1. Hi Jen, thank you for reaching out for some help. The dream was triggered by your sexual desire. You should not have masturbated at all, as it opens a door for the enemy to accuse you before the throne of God, and for demonic activities as well. Instead, if you fail to attain orgasm ask your husband to help you out through oral sex (oral stimulation) to achieve orgasm and make you happy and satisfied.

      Now concerning the dream. As I said, it was triggered by masturbation. And it’s a warning dream. As a result, you are welcoming a stranger into your marriage bed, specifically a marine spirit. ( Hebrews 13:4).

      The cats drawn to you in the dream do not symbolize your likes anymore, but that your desires are drawing evil entities to you.

      The woman you saw with male organs is a reflection of yourself, as you are not true to your faith, hence the reason for a shift of gender in the dream. The lady is a reflection of you satisfying yourself sexually rather than asking your husband to help you out.

      Now concerning the different characters, you saw in your dream. Your ex’s mom is another reflection of yourself and what is currently happening in your waking life, as you are the one who is sick and home looking after your 4 kids. The presence of the other Ex’s tells you that you have unresolved past issues that you need to settle deep in your heart, and purity it.

      I hope this helps, make sure to read the article on oral stimulation (oral sex), to help you avoid the same mistake. You should let your husband stimulate you (using his fingers, or kissing your nipples and genitalia to stimulate you) when you fail to reach orgasm through penetration.

  10. Goodday just need your advice.What do you do when you a God fearing person and you are married to a person that don’t want to need your sexual needs and don’t meet your emotional needs.I was working at a car manufacturer for ten years.I was a slave to sin drugs ,alcohol sexual sin marijuana etc.I was in a relationship with the woman I’m married to now.One Sunday morning daylight under the influence of marijuana a Spirit entered my room and I was in the presence of something Holy and tears started to run out of my eyes.I cried the hole day that day until night time.The next day the Monday the same thing happened but long story short I went to my father and he let me to Christ and Immediately I could feel that how the addictions left my body after I received Christ.YEAR after that the spirit led me out of my job .In the same year I got married after I left my job.But before I got married I went back to her and told her if she don’t want to get married because I’m out of my job then i wil totally understand but stil she agreed to go forward with the marriage.Then we got married and it’s for 8 years now.That’s my background.Now I’m in this marriage where I’m being robbed of my sexual needs being fulfilled because I can’t contribute financially towards the house.She is the one working and I’m the one taking care of the children at home doing everything from doing the washing cleaning cooking etc .I had the privilege to see Jesus in my dreams .I had training where the Holy spirit trained me to stand against spiritual and to discern spiritual forces and am stil growing .Each time my when my wife argued that I must get a job then the same night I received a dream of where I see what curse is going to come upon me if I go back to take a secular job. I know I must fear God and put Him 1st but I wrestle with my sexual needs not being met.Lastnight I separated myself from our bed cause I feel like the more she is close to me the more I want my sexual and emotional needs met.I having these crazy sexual dreams that I know it’s not from God .Im having difficulty to focus on God’s word.And I feel like this sexual desires I’m having that is not met is open doors to demonic spirits in my spiritual life.How do I manage this stage of my life.How do I convince my wife to the things I’m standing for is from God. SHE arranged us to meet with a Spiritual councillor for Christ to somehow convince me that the things I’m standing for is not from God and to convince me to get a job.I must add also we are blessed we have everything and we never went to bed hungry we have everything.After the meeting with the councillor she was not happy with the outcome of this meeting.
    It’s like she is stuck in this marriage where I was honest from the beginning and I’m being forced to turn my back the promises of God He made during the cause of time.Pray for us PLEASE

    1. I must also add to what let me to this site.I got this dream where I see a very old lady I must say she is very old .But the thing that bothers me is that want to have sex with her. But as I’m on my way to her to have sex then I woke up.The second dream is about a father and a son .In real life a know then they have a great relationship.But in the dream they had an argument about something.Then in the dream the father acknowledges that the son is were wrong and were right in the argument then the father sticks outs his hand to reconcile the relationship between them.

      1. This dream reflects your own relationship with your father. The people you saw are symbolic. I don’t know what is currently happening between you and your father. However, it’s clear that whatever differences you have will be resolved soon.

        The other dream is triggered by your current marriage situation. You must work on the marriage lest the enemy tempts you. However you will overcome, that’s why the sex never happened in the dream.

    2. Thank you Marshall for reaching out for help. I am sorry for the sad experience. You made the right choice to follow Christ and I assure you that you will never regret it, for your reward is great in heaven. Everything happening now in your marriage is a way of the enemy to discourage you so that you may backslide and lose your reward in heaven, don’t give in to the temptation. Jude 24 declares, To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy.

      Secondly, you don’t have to compromise your belief in Christ to please anyone, however, it is important that you ask the Lord to help you find a job, that will enable you to sustain your family. Rember it’s the man’s duty to provide for his family and not the wife. (Please read 1 Timothy 5:8), this way you will command respect from your wife and children.

      1 Timothy 5:8
      Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

      Working in a secular environment is not sin,(Unless there is something there that influences you to stumble) as long as what you do is honorable and brings God glory. Please find a good job to support your family, nothing will happen to you or your faith if you work for a company, I mean almost every job out there is secular, the only job that is not is church work, and perhaps you are not a pastor. I believe the reason why your wife behaves the way she does is because of the pressure of having to bear all the financial burden by herself, while in an actual sense who should be helping her with that.

      Now concerning the conjugal rights. It is sinful for her to deny you your right in the marriage bed as her husband. However, you should realize there is so much going on in her mind which turns her off from your sexual advances. Nevertheless, this is still not enough reason for her to deny you. If you continue in this path, you are putting the relationship at stake and opening a door for the enemy to tempt both of you because of a lack of self-control. Look at what the Bible teaches concerning this matter:

      1 Corinthians 7:3-5
      The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise, the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife. 5 Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

  11. As I have read your article and I’m looking at dates these attacks are commonly present. I recently dreamed my son which is 8 years old and myself was having sex they way my husband and I would. I’m the dream there was such a disgust for this vile act that there was no justification for it. Then the sheets were filled with blood after the act. Before I could tell my son that this was wrong I had awaken.
    Honesty in my heart I believe my husband’s mother has sexually violated him in the spiritual realm because she acts as if he is her spouse instead of her son. He doesn’t see it but God have allowed me to see her wicked ways without a filter.

  12. I have been having sex in my dream for years, and in this past week, it has become too often. It’s been with total strangers or me watching strangers having sex while I masturbate in the dream. I started masturbating at the age of 12, not due to any exposure, I just discovered the pleasure on my own. I became a porn addict for the longest time, which by God’s grace, I have overcome. I’ve been married for 4 years now and my husband and 1 go months or over a year without having sex due to lack of sexual attraction from him. This has frustrated me into having sexual fantasis and maturbating on few occasions. I made up my mind to walk out of the sexless marriage 2weeks ago for my sanity and since then the sex dreams became so frequent. And last night, for the first time, I was being seduced by my husband in the dream. I was surprised and struggled to play along as I have lost sexual interest in him. I desire a good sexual relationship with my patener and I know I can’t get that from my husband.
    Please, do you know if all these are related because I’m really worried that this is the manipulation from the put of hell.

    1. Esther, your dream issue is rooted in your sin. That sin is what opens doors for all lustful thoughts and evil spirits to have sex with you. The only solution is to stop the cause, and seek deliverance.

      I speak as one entrusted with the secrets of the kingdom and also one who God has shown infinite mercy. Personal, I used to be a porn addict for over ten years, and even worse I became so perverted that I engaged in bestiality for some time. I was totally lost, but today I am a free man and a minister of the grace that God showed me. You can read my testimony here; Delivered from bestiality and porn.

      Esther, it is possible to live a holy life and be set free from perversion. Nothing is impossible with our God. Just cry out to Him sincerely and He will come to your rescue. For He hears the prayer of the broken. Psalms 51:17.

      The demonic entities in your dreams can never allow you to be in any stable relationship, or even enjoy sex with your spouse, because they already have a legal right over your life. Your husband is not the problem, fix your issues and return to your loving husband.

      Repent all your sins and turn to God, and accept the fact that you are the problem.

      Consider dedicating to destroy the influence of marine spirits, and also dedicate yourself to God for protection and sanctification.

  13. Good day Sir
    I am young lady, and have lived a life of sin and away from God,for the last two year i have been dating and sleeping with different man, one day i woke up knowing this wasnt right and i needed to change, i gave my life to christ via tv altar call and been meditation on Gods word for sometime, i am learning alot but i know i have a long way to go in changing myself with help of the holy spirit. I recently been having sexual and unpleasant dream. Dreams:
    1.I am in the bush and the is a couple naked and the man plays with the women private part, and i suddenly come out next to them and force him to do it quickly because its like i wanted to cum and was enjoying it, i woke up started praying and what bothers me i have no control to rebuke it my dream instead i enjoy it (am a black woman and this was a white couple) what does it mean
    2.i dreamt two ladies (both white) having oral sex and same in this dream i start instructing one lady and had my finger in my private part but before i could get wet i woke up (this really disturbed me as the night before i was praying and in a fast and that i still had no control and just enjoyed it the dream)
    3. Mostly i dream a male stranger almost penetrating me but before he does i wake up
    4. I dream my older sister naked in bath tub sometimes i dream her shouting and angry at me (she is a sorcerer and we dont see eye to eye because i believe in Jesus and doesnt and serves marine god and does divination)
    Please help on what they mean and what i need to do.

    1. Faith, I am glad to know you gave your life to Christ and the enemy is not happy about it. He wants to keep enslaving you into sin. But you should not be afraid for whoever is in Christ is more than a conqueror (Romans 8:31-37).

      There are marine spirits troubling you in your dreams. They are the same spirits we call spiritual spouses, as they forceful play the role of a spouse in your life. The fact that you saw your sister who, is in witchcraft, naked in a bathtub, it is clear evidence of marine spirits in operation. You should not hate your sister, rather pray for her that God may show her mercy.

      Another thing, it doesn’t matter whether the people you engage in sex in your dreams are white or black. It makes no difference, they are all demonic entities. Pray to break soul ties, from the previous relationships you had.

      And lastly, you have to continue working on your thoughts and heart. Some aspect of these dreams are caused by your heart, as it still desires sinful sexual pleasures. The heart of man cannot be trusted.

      Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

      Therefore, continue taking in the word of God, for it to cleanse your heart and mind. (Hebrews 4:12). Put your mind understand submission to the authority of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10: 3-6). May God send you help from Zion.

      Always meditate on Psalms 4:8, and also consider dedicating these evil dreams to God for destruction.

      Psalms 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

      You can consider watching this video from SCOAN;

  14. In my own dream, I do have a romance with either a little girl or and adult woman. And in the cause of this romance, I will discharge sperm, which will appear on my body physically. There is no sex or penetration but only holding of hand, talking, etc.
    Please help me on the meaning please there is always discharged of sperms that I see physically on my body after the dream.

    1. Richard, the ejaculation is as a result of sexual pleasures within your mind during these encounters in your dream.

      Are you married? Because it seems you have an unmet desire in your heart. It might be the desire to be with a woman. And if that is the case you should consider getting married, it’s for your own good, rather than burning with passion.

      And if that is not the case, then, please consider dedicating to destroy such dreams

  15. Hello Pastor pls sir there’s this particular dream I’ve been experiencing for years,I’m always having sec different girls in my dream.and most times it occur when I’m prayerful sometimes I fast about it too and I also notice when I’m also requesting something from God with thorough pleading I keep getting this dream sir.kindly hlp to enlighten on this pastor.

  16. I dream having sex with someone famous or may i say a celebrity. And in my dream i’m the one who initiate the sex, i seduce him in front of his girlfriend and trying to make his girlfriend jealous. And we did sex. What’s the meaning of that? Actually i’m married and we have 1 yr old little boy. And i lost appetite having sex with my husband. and i felt guilty because it’s a part of the needs of the husband that wives needs to give.

    1. Keren, it seems you admire and to some extent lust after this celebrity. Your obsession with him is what triggered the dream. Your dreams is revealing to you your innermost desires, and lust, especially now that you have not been having intercourse with your husband.

      Repent of your sin. This obsession can draw you apart from your spouse because your are already entertaining affection from another man, rather than your husband.

      Matthew 5:28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

      Replace the word woman with man, and this verse will make sense to you.

      Whether you feel it or not, you should never deprive your husband of his sexual need, unless you want him to be tempted to cheat on you.

      1 Corinthians 7:3 The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.

      1 Corinthians 7:5 Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

      Remember, love is not based on feeling, but a choice. You have to choose to love and have sex with your husband, for the sake of the marriage.

      Please consider reading this article, it will help revive your marriage.

  17. Hello Sir,

    I had previously had dreams of sexual perversion and I was delivered.
    But a few days ago, I say myself in a dream with a young lady whom I knew and and old white man. The lady and him were already engaged in some lewd acts and he kept trying to force me to join. And in the dream I told him No, that I couldn’t that I had made a promise to God to wait until marriage. Next thing I know he was trying to lick and bite my private parts and when I looked at his face, He smiled an evil smile and had blood on his teeth. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

    Since then I noticed that I think of sex often unlike before and I’m not as prayerful.

    1. Sandy, dreams act like a door for spiritual encounters, either evil or good. As you have said, that you were previously delivered and as a result made a covenant with God to stay pure. This was the proper thing to do.

      From the moment you made that promise, the enemy has been trying by all means to cause you to break it so that you may sin against God and yourself. It seems he has tried all physical means, and he has not been successful, that’s why he is now trying to attack you in your dreams.

      The dream was meant to be an open door to seduce you into sin. Because you resisted him, it doesn’t mean it’s over, he will try to show up in other forms. Keep hold of your faith and stand against sin.

      Fill your heart with the Word and worship to overcome the sexual arousal you are experiencing. Again, don’t give up on prayer, it’s the only weapon you have to defend the enemy.

      2 Corinthians 10:3-5
      For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.

      10:4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

  18. Good day sir,I am a 27year old lady and need strong prayers to overcome this fight.i want to be happy in my relationship I need deliverance please

  19. Good day Sir, I’m a guy 19yrs of age Sir.
    Please what does it mean having sex with a stranger in my dreams to the extent of waking up all wet with semen.
    I even remembered too that the stranger was a virgin Sir. I wasn’t really able to break up the virginity though.
    I just knew I was all messed up when I woke up……

    1. Before answering your question, I would like to know what you were doing or thinking of before you went to bed. Also, do you watch pornography or anything or that kind?

      This dream may reflect your desire to be with or to marry a virgin. That is why you didn’t break her virginity in the dream.

      1. Oh.
        Yes I could recollect I had a bit of dirty thoughts before going to sleep Sir, but it really wasn’t for long though before I slept off.
        My thoughts were just rolling around from one place to another.

      2. Hey
        I’ve been dreaming while seeing people having sex and some are more of my high school members and others are dead people
        What does that mean

        1. This dream indicates that you are currently feeling left out of something significant in your life. Recognize what’s causing you to feel this way. It could also mean that you’re watching the world go by, seeing people go about their daily lives, and pursuing their passions, while you’re stuck in the same location. It’s time to shake things up a little.

  20. Yesterday I told a Lady I liked her physically when I slept yesterday night I dreamt of having oral sex where my manhood was in an unknown Lady mouth when I woke up I noticed I was releasing semen since then I have been having the urge to have sex

    1. Joseph, our minds have the ability to recreate our fantasies to a reality in the dream world, and that is what happened in your case. You are in love, and the fact that you have been thinking of her is full evidence that it triggered the dream. You ejaculated because of the sexual feelings your body was processing while you were dreaming.

  21. Good morning Pastor.
    I had a sexual dream last night with a stranger. We did not have sex at all but we were both orgasming soo much. We were experiencing soo much orgasm with this man without him penetrating inside my vagina. When I woke up I wasn’t wet or anything, I was normal.What could this mean?

    1. Thank you for the question. This dream is a reflection of your innermost desires, especially the need for intimacy. Most often, dreams reflect the content or deposit of our hearts, the things we need, desire, our fantasies, and also events that hurt us. These very things are what trigger our dreams.

      I don’t know if you are married or not because that can help to interpret the dream in greater depth. I would also love to know what had happened before you went to bed, such as watching a movie or talking to someone close to your heart. You can share those details here or on the contact page.

      1. Thank you for replying

        I am in a serious relationship, my life partner. And before I went to bed I spoke to him, he’s very close to my heart .

        1. The dream revealed your desire for intimacy, not just sexually, but being closer to your partner. If you have been dating for long, you should consider getting married, instead of continuing burning with passion.

          1 Corinthians 7:36 If anyone thinks he is acting improperly toward the virgin he is engaged to, and if she is getting along in years and he feels he ought to marry, he should do as he wants. He is not sinning. They should get married.

          Consider reading this other article while making the decision to get married.

  22. Hello Pastor.
    I had a dream last week about coming on top of my 6yr old son and having an orgasm. when I woke up that morning I was bleeding. am still bleeding up to now, and it’s not my normal periods. Kindly what could be the interpretation of my dream?

    1. I went through the dream over and over, and I came up with this interpretation. Based on your feeling and the setting of the dream, it reflects an unusual thing happening in your life. Everything in the dream is symbolic, including your son. Just as having sex with your son is an unusual thing to ever happen, the same applys to the abnormal menstrual period, which was symbolized by an organism in the dream.

      Also, you might be having high sexual desires, as you get close to your menstrual period. Your hormone levels fluctuate during menstrual cycles, hence, women are likely to feel their sex drive be at its highest during menstruation/ ovulation. This sexual desire starts around 14 days before and 7 days after menstruation. Your body is preparing for fertilization, causing a spike in sexual arousal. This might be the cause of your dream, however, because of the kid involved in the dream, I choose to dismiss this fact.

      What you saw or felt like an orgasm, was a flow of blood. That is why you walked up bleeding.

      Secondly, it is an attack from a marine spirit that takes the form of your kid to manipulate you sexually, hence resulting in your current condition. This is evident by the continual flow of blood that you said was unusual. Please, pray and dedicate to destroy that evil dream.

      * Please try to relate with what is happening in your life to know which of the interpretation is best suited for your case.

      I hope you are satisfied with the answer, if not please write to me here
      For more information. Thank you.

  23. I had a dream that I saw some long moving things like snake, not exactly snakes but I found a way to cage them into a bag and left.
    I left the place, went to meet my husband cause according to the dream, we were away from each other for long.
    So when I meet with him, he seemed very happy, not at seeing me but I noticed a lady (a prostitute according to the dream) around made him happy.
    I asked if he had anything with her, initially he said, just a friendly relationship, when I asked further, he said they had sex just once and I was disappointed. Disappointed because we tell ourselves everything.

    Immediately, the lady came around and my husband’s countenance changed into a happy look.
    I took him along with me, telling him that I needed to show him some snake-like things I caught and caged.
    We went to the place where I saw those snake-like thing, I carried up the bag and realized that those snake-like things had r rotted and decayed. Then I woke up.

    We are believers and my husband isn’t someone who will sleep with anybody not to talk of a prostitute and still be excited before me at her sight.

    Sometime In December 2021, I had a dream that I had sex with my brother and later in another dream I had sex again with someone I don’t know.

    My worry is that while I have these sex, I enjoy it like I have never had sex before.

    Please Sir, what does these mean?
    Thank you for your anticipated response.

    1. It seems what you saw as a prostitute besides your husband is a strong man (a spiritual spouse), which is usually a marine spirit. I believe these are the same spirits manifesting in your dreams to have sex with you.

      This dream has two parts or phases, one is an attack on your marriage through your husband, and secondly, a victory over the same.

      Just pray for your husband and marriage as well, so that when temptations come, you may overcome them.

      You will be victorious as a couple, and this was evident when you trapped the snakes and later on they rot and decayed. Meaning whatever authority that will try to raise against your marriage will eventually be defeated and will rise up no more.

      Consider dedicating your marriage to God for protection. God is faithful to keep your marriage from falling. Jude 24

      And lastly, continue investigating in your marriage interms of your emotions, affection and intimacy generally. Every time you are having intercourse with your husband, try you best to concentrate on that moment and your husband’s sexual desires, and your will end up enjoying it more than you did in those dreams. Trust me on this. Also, try to talk with your husband about your sexual need and desires. This will make the marriage more fulfilling.

  24. Good afternoon Pastor,
    Please I had a dream and there’s this fair looking young Lady who was trying to seduce everyone in a room but we all resisted and she said that she want to have sex with us but she’ll start with me, I resisted and later she kissed me forcing to put her hand into my pants where my buttocks is located and I set myself free from her and I started coughing out phlegms. I woke up with salivers on my cheeks

    1. Bobby, you just saw your victory over seducing spirits. The fact that you resisted her persuasion is a clear sign you won the war against your flesh.

      The book of proverbs talks about a adulterous woman who seeks to destroy the destinies of young men. This is actually a spirit.

      Pro 2:16 It will (wisdom) save you also from the adulteress, from the wayward wife with her seductive words…

      Keep on praying and being faithful to God, and you will resist this marine spirit.

      The saliva on your cheeks is a sign that there was a physical manifestation of an actual demon in your dream. Therefore, dedicate yourself for sanctification and protection.

      2 Timothy 2:22 Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

      Congratulations Bobby, you resist temptation.

  25. Hi pastor,
    Thank you! I just found you!
    In late Dec 2020 my husband had a dream where he saw a woman put a ring on his finger. He also saw a flash photo of a naked male. Ever since that dream his life hasn’t been the same. He constantly has thoughts of just unbelievable homosexual images that comes to his mind daily and has caused him so much anxiety and depression. He can’t even be around males without feeling anxious or the thoughts keep coming in. We are married for 6 years and are both born again. He is very active in ministry and we have prayed, fasted and have had a few man of God pray for him but we feel like his deliverance is just not coming. My husband has been honest with me and explaining that he used to live a sinful life while in church by mastubating. He has repented. He also told me that when he was 14 years old he woke up and found an older family friend with his hand in his pants. He wasn’t sexually abused just touched I guess. As his wife I feel so defeated and can’t help him. I even suggested to see a physiologist for some medication to help control the thoughts but then he reassured me that deliverance is what he needs. I am very sad because we are 30 years old and never imagined my life this way.

    1. I am really sorry for that. This demonic entity has been in him or around him for a long time, and what your are seeing is its manifestation. It is responsible for causing your husband to masturbate and live in sin.

      The dream was used as an entry for demonic activities in his life. The ring is a sign of a legal claim by a demonic entity. The demon thinks that your husband is his possession, just as a wife would claim her husband because of the covenant of marriage.

      The Bible declares that they overcame evil through the blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). And where the spirit of God is, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

      The only way out is to resist this demonic desire. For if you resist Satan, he will flee from you. Personal, a few years ago, I was in an almost similar situation. It just happened one day as I was living with a friend of mine that I started developing unusual feeling towards him. I immediately knew something was not ok. The thoughts kept coming in for a whole week, but by the grace of God and through prayers I overcame. I resisted the thoughts until it had no effect or influence on me anymore and that is how I became victorious. The same is possible for your husband.

      We are living in evil days, where there are all forms of demonic powers that are at operation to cause the faithful to stumble. Society has permitted these very demons to operate by passing laws which are meant to destroy christian families. Laws such as same sex marriages.

      Jude 1:24 To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy–

      God is faithful to keep your husband and your family from falling, keep trusting in Him.

      Consider dedicating to destroy that dream, and dedicate your husband as well. Your can visit Jesus Teaching Ministries in Nairobi Kenya for free deliverance, by apostle Peter Manyuru.

      1. Sir .. nice reading your articles here and i believed that i will get the answer through by the help of holy spirit…
        Sir . consecutively…i dont use to remember my dreams..
        But suddenly…some days ago..i begin to see myself on wet boxers in the morning…i am 30yrs by God’s a hard working guy but no soulmate..i choose to settle down to avoid messing up in in long distance relationship not up to a month now … but through you messages i came to understand that am under attack of Marines power…but with Lord Jesus Christ…am free now..
        Its happening that am thinking of my girl so much… because she’s not giving me attention again…i dont know if the demon entity is fighting her not to love me..
        But this time i keep having sex in dream, and also getting wet too…some thing is wrong…my business is crying…am working hard but not seeing it as am working it…i dont know if its my always thought for my girl …or something else is taking over…. please direct me sir…

        1. Based on your age and the constant business failure, it is possible that you are under a marine attack. The spirit might be responsible for what has been happening in your life, therefore ask God to deliver you as you now know the root of your problems.

          Now concerning your affair. I recommend that you stop being obsessed with this lady, as that may end up manifesting in your dreams as sex dreams, and also affect your relationship with Christ. Remember, you should give God the first priority in your heart and not her because that is idol worship. If you find that you are the one pushing too hard for the relationship to work, then it is not worth it, the lady doesn’t like you.

          Don’t stress yourself for love, especially to a person you are not in a marriage covenant with. Just find a simple woman who treasures her faith in Jesus. I am not discouraging you, but if possible avoid long-distance relationships, they rarely work. I am saying this from experience in two different relationships.

          I recommend this article:

  26. Hello, I dreamed about having sex with a familiar person I know. Someone that I know is lusting after me. He had on a condom but we didn’t finish. Currently I’m on a spiritual fast and I’m so disappointed tht I allowed the dream to go that far because in real life I wouldn’t give him the chance to sleep with me. What could that mean sir?

    1. The enemy has a way to discourage us when we have inclined our hearts to serve God. One of the ways he can achieve this is through guilt of sins we have not committed or even committed. Guilt and condemnation are the greatest weapons in his arsenal.

      To a great extent, this dream is meant to distract you from praying. If for sure you have sanctified Christ in your heart, and you don’t have any lustful thoughts concerning this person, then you have nothing to worry. Just pray to destroy the authority of this evil dream and dedicate yourself to God.

      What you saw might also be a reflection of that person’s thoughts towards you. They only view you as a sex object, hence the reason for their lust. The dream warns you to stay away from that individual, as they have evil motives towards you.

  27. 4 consecutive dreams I had each for 4 days :i received two bags of fresh fish from an unknown little who was in secondary and who happen to be living with me in the dream . According to her the fish was given to her for enrolling for junior waec n neco. Day 2 i was on a bike but suddenly couldnt find the bike and the rider and then a dog came out of his cage and attach and destroy my stomach immediately after receiving dirty 500 naira from a little girl. Day 3 , A male colleagues having sex with fowl while I was shading onions and peppers for a boss who is out of service in the same scene.on that same day my elder sister who is the mother of the little girl was slicing me cucumber to eat. And day 4 i dreamt that among my things that i gave out a snake saying that i dont want and a colleague took it n later i saw it tied into a black nylon where it was trying to gradually untie itself and to an extent some part of it had Come out of the nylon. Pls sir what does these interprete for a married woman.

    1. Hello, Patricia. From what you have wrote, the dream symbolize series of attacks against your life. First, a dog, which is associated with sexual sin. As you are a married woman, be watchful the enemy may try to tempt you into adultery.

      Secondly, is about the dirty money in the dream. It seems that all the attacks are attached to money, I am not sure if you are facing financial challenges, because the enemy can use that as an opportunity to seduce you into sinning.

      Thirdly, is concerning the man having sex with a fowl. This represents perversion within your surroundings, because it happened in the same room you were in.

      And lastly, it about the snake that came out of your things if I am not wrong. It is a principality behind the whole dream event. It might be associated with witchcraft or a representation of a demonic entity that is dwelling in your midst. Pray and dedicate to destroy this evil dream. Seek to receive deliverance, it will help.

      I hope I have answered your dream question, even though most parts of the question were not that clear. If you still need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      I may also like to know your occupation, as it might also related to the dream.

  28. Good morning sir, I had a dream thus morning. An animal that looks like sheep or goat in a strange way. Stopped me on the road , climbed me up and raped me. Please sir what does it mean.

    1. I believe what you saw was Baphomet, the image of the prince of darkness or the devil. The image’s head has a resemblance of a goat. You are being spiritual defiled by demons in your dreams, which can lead to all forms of bondage and stagnation in your life.

      It may be a sign of initiation into a cult such as satanism or any other of the kind. Pray and fast to denounce this dream and its power. Also dedicate yourself to God, as well dedicate this dream for destruction.

  29. Pastor I had a dream my fiancé came to me and had sex with me in the dream am worried

    1. I hope you were not think or fantasizing of him before you went to bed. If you did then, the dream is a consequence of your thoughts reflect back to you in your dreams.

      If you have been interaction inappropriately with him, i.e. sexually, then the dream reflects the fruits of your actions. In this case the dream serves as a warning.

  30. hi pastor…I get scared of the kind of dreams I have! And I realized that most times I’m d one who asks for the sex in d dreams,I’m d one who wants it!
    Sometimes with strangers in weird places and situations,sometimes with familiar people for weird reasons…sometimes with someone very close!
    The dreams bother me alot because I know I’m not someone who can ask strangers for sex or even be the one to start a sexual act in reality!
    Please I need to know what this means…whenever I ask people they just conclude that it’s a spiritual husband situation!

    1. You might be lacking love or intimacy in your walking life, and that’s why you dream asking for sex. It reflects your desire to be loved and wanted.

      These dreams have everything to do with the state of your heart, and not spiritual spouses. It seems to me that your heart is corrupt and what your see in your dreams is a reflection of your deep unmet desires most of which are rooted in corruption. The Bible declares that the heart is more corrupt than we can imagine. You may be having a unsettled issues in your heart that has never been solved. You may also be entertaining evil desires and thoughts without your knowledge, therefore work on your thoughts, by pulling down every stronghold, obstacle and thought exalted against the knowledge of God. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

      To overcome this, let the word of God dwell in you richly, Colossians 3:16. The Words of Jesus Christ are a cleanse, and they will wash your heart and mind. (John 17:17). Be reading the Bible and worshipping before bedtime to clear your thoughts of all evil desires.

  31. Hi pastor.please help me!I have been having sexual dreams,infact there was a man who once came to my house and told me I have a tokoloshe..I keep having dreams where I LL be with my boyfriend and a man usually comes and tells me they will kill me if I keep being with this person.i have a man I really love and I can tell he loves me too but it’s like something is holding him back,it’s always like that with most of my relationships…everything in my life is just messed aunt took me when I was a young kid and when I got older,I ddnt want to stay with her anymore,she was very offended by this.i keep thinking she has something to do with everything bad happening in my life because everyone in my family says she she’s a satanist,witch,sangoma and keeps travelling to many places to receive power,places like India etc…I have gone to many churches to get help but I m still in the same position.please help me.what should I do?

    1. It’s well with you. This person you keep seeing is a manifestation of marine spirits which are commonly known as spiritual spouse. That strong man which is a demon is responsible for your relationship failures as it is a jealous spirit. Unless you break free from it you will never have a stable relationship or marriage. Dedicate to destroy it’s authority and give your life over to Christ. God is faithful and will help out of it if you call on His name.

  32. Man of God, I have been dreaming of having sex in my since, not always but once in a week’s or in a month. The dream is like this, if I sleep I will have the filling of having sex but I didn’t see anyone. What can do to overcome this dreams.

    1. Mary, it seems there is a strong man in your life who takes advantage of you. Dedicate to destroy this dreams as well learn to be reading the word of God before bedtime to clear your thoughts. You can consider reading the article on dedicate on this very article, there is a link written dedication of dreams.

  33. Pastor I am sorry to keep my identity anonymous..I’M 29 and I’m from Nigerian and and I have experienced so much bad dreams seeing myself in our previous house we used to live but my fathers brothers wife lives there now and she is a witch and everyone knows that ..and lately when I moved abroad I started seeing myself in our previous house often or most times in the same street or just around the neighbourhood where we used to live years ago .. sometimes with my secondary school mates and later on I started having sex in the dream and i realised everywhere I go people hates me and they say I have bad energy and my life is fool of hatred and I can’t make friends for long as they will either backstab me or run away from me .. my life has been hell and it’s making my life so much difficult as I can’t get any help from anyone as they hate me for no reason and it’s affecting my relationship with people I try to connect with ..please help me , what does this mean ??

    1. It is okay to keep your identity private, and sorry for what you are going through. This dream symbolizes rejection and stagnation in your life. The fact that you keep seeing yourself in your previous house is evidence of stagnation. Your life is bound to that specific location or simply has been bound from that location. As you said, your aunt who is a witch currently lives in the same house. I believe she has something to do with your current state. You need to dedicate to destroy the altars of witchcraft and stagnation. You must prosper in Jesus’ name.

      The sex you have in your dreams is responsible for the hate and rejection you receive. The spirit taking advantage of you sexually has a legal claim over you. That is why it is super jealousy when it sees you with other people, and it will do everything possible to destroy every relationship you have. The spirit monitors everything you do. You need to rededicate your life to Jesus and dedicate to destroy rejection and every dominion of spiritual spouse in your life. May God be with you.

  34. I had a dream having sex with a stranger, and in the dream I was actually having sex in an untidy place and people where looking for the girl who was with me then I had to wake up being wet. Please what does it mean ?

    1. Precious, from what you just said, it seems that the dream is a reflection of your waking life. Considering the environment of the dream, which is untidy, then this dream reflects a sinful heart or mind. Please work on your thoughts and guard your heart. Most often, Sex in dreams represents defilement, not necessarily from a spiritual spouse but a reflection of a sinful heart and mind.

  35. I dreamed and had sex with my ex.

    Before going to bed, I was on Facebook and I saw her (ex) photo, then I reflected on the time we shared. I closed the Facebook app and went offline, and suddenly fell asleep.

    In my dream, I saw her (ex) but I can’t remember the main place but we had very close proximity.
    Shortly, both of us consented to romance and kissing, onwards we have sex.

    Surprisingly, I saw that she had both male and female organs/private parts at once. At this point, I have pushed and pulled out of her twice.

    When I noticed such, I paused and suddenly woke up from sleep.

      1. Good day Pastor,
        I dreamt that I saw myself in a living room having sex with a lady in my area while people were there, and when I woke up I found semen in my pant.

        1. The dream symbolizes an event or person that brings you shame, it’s wise to refrain from them, or that specific circumstance. You know yourself better and therefore can tell what that thing or person may be.

          The sex imagery is intended to symbolize an aspect of your personality. The dream may therefore reflect your ability to open up about your most weird secrets to the public, this might be through a testimony.

  36. Shalom pastor
    I’m having troubles with my dreams, sometimes I’m scared of sleeping. I’m a born again christian since 2017, 2018 I visited my spiritual father, he prayed for me and said I was delivered and I believed and received. I’m attending church, I’m a prayerful person, I fast frequently, I declare and decree upon my life and my family. My mother was a sangoma and now she’s mental ill, I was raped when I was 13 and I never told anyone. Now in my dreams I’m having sex with people I know and strangers, every time I wake up with semens in my private part and last I was feeling a lot of pain, went to the Dr he said it was womb infection, I don’t have a man in my life for 3yrs now but because of these dreams. With all my prayers it feels like God doesn’t hear me and I’m getting a bit tired. Last night I saw my ex husband in my dream, we were kissing and I saw his penis with semens, I also had this baby next to me. I’m worried about my sexual dream life, it is harassing me and it feels like the Holly Spirit is far from me no matter how much I pray. Please help🙏🙏

    1. That’s really sad, and am sorry for everything you have been going through. Have you ever considered the fact that your mother raised an evil altar in your family and life, since she was a witch?

      I believe that demonic altar of witchcraft is what has been tormenting your life and causing all kinds of attacks and stagnation. You need to break those altars and raise an altar for God in your life and family. By doing so, you will have granted God a legal right of operate in the family.

      Remember, that fact that your mother is mentally ill doesn’t mean she destroyed her witchcraft altars. They are still at work.

      The demonic sex activity in your life is as a result of the same altar. The people you see are water spirits (marine spirits) from the altar of witchcraft.

      Again, you need to forgive yourself and the one who raped you. Let God avenge on your behalf. Thank you for opening up, God will heal your heart and mind. (2 Corinthians 1:3-6).

      Consider doing a personal dedication for your protection and dedicate to destroy these evil dreams in the name of Jesus Christ. God is going to do a new thing in your life, hold fast to the faith.

      Don’t be afraid to sleep, meditate this verse before you sleep.
      Psalms 4:8, I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

      1. Hi pastors, I been sleeping at my mothers house for months now and every time I go to sleep after sunrise I will be having sex with someone in the dream. It had been happening for quick some nights I am also pregnant. I try praying on the situation but nothing works. People have said there’s a bad spirit at my moms house. Is that the spirit sleeping with me in my sleep . How can it stop and leave me to peace .

        1. Elaine, I believe there is an altar in your mom’s house. She may or not be aware of the same. Again, I am not sure if you mother is single or married. If she is single and has been bringing men to her house, that can raise an altar of promiscuity in the house.

          If that is not the case, then the altar might have nothing to do with her. I would advise you to leave the house and look for somewhere else to stay. However,I you still want to stay, then, consider destroying family altars.

          Why stay in a house that is invaded by demonic forces which seeks to harm you? The marine spirits in your dreams can even lead to miscarriages and all sorts of stagnation. Therefore, pray and dedicate this evil dream for destruction, as well dedicate yourself to God for protection.

          Above all, find another place to live in. There is a strong man (a demonic entity) in your mother’s house.

  37. Hi pastor, what does it mean for your ex to forcefully have sex with you in dream? Me and him are not in talking terms, I detest every sight of him and even hearing of his name pissed me up, I wonder how I could have sex with someone I don’t wanna set eyes on, thanks sir for helpinge out

    1. Becky, first of all your heart is not right, you are carrying so much hate which if unchecked, will eventually poison your soul. The Bible emphasizes that we guard our hearts (proverbs 4:23). Guard it from bitterness and hatred. The fact that things never worked out between the two of you is not an excuse to hate your ex. This can open doors for all kinds of demonic attacks, so beware.

      The dream simply reflects your ex’s attempt to win you over again, but you are not willing to engage in the relationship anymore, of which is okay. The sex in this dream has nothing to do with spiritual spouse. I would suggest you work on your salvation with fear and trembling honoring God in every aspect of it. It is okay to quit a relationship, however, don’t conceive hate in your heart, it doesn’t help you to heal.

      May The good LORD help and bless you as you purpose to seek His righteousness

  38. Sir pastor i had a dream that i had sex with a female duaf, though she wanted to force me but i refused but she then out something like money into my hand to make me agree to sex her, we both had sex and i found semen in pant after i woke up

    1. What you had was not just sex, the lady represents an entity that will try by all means to cause you to compromise your values. It gave you bribe to consent into a sexual act. In your walking life someone will try to strike a deal with you and since you will not be willing to compromise your values for the sake of their evil agenda, they will try to buy you with deadly money. Be watchful and pray against this evil dream.

      God allowed you to have this dream to warn you of what is to come and make you aware of the enemy’s plans. Therefore, play your role and resist the devil and he will flee from you. May God grant you grace and insight.

  39. There are some dreams i have been experiencing, I actually thought it was wet dream but the way they happen are just too much to be classified as wet dream. They sometimes happen even after my midnight prayers.

    1. I dreamt of two people i don’t know having sex and in the dream, the guy drugged and made the lady to be submissive to him. it appears to be like the lady was forced by the guy and they were having sex in the forest. I waked up and I realised I had Semen in my pants.

    2. Another sex dream, this time around it was my sister and me having sex in a room and it wasn’t a rape.( this dream was just once and I never had that dream again)

    3. In the 3rd dream, two people having sex again but I didn’t see their face. I waked up and I saw semen again in my pants.

    I have been praying against these weird dreams but still keep experiencing it even after prayers. I have been experiencing them for like 7 times now and mostly I don’t seems to know the people or see the faces of the people engaged in the sex.

    1. Thank you for the question, Prince. Sex in a dream most often represents spiritual defilement of some kind. The lady that was forced to have sex in the first dream may be an actual event happening to someone, probably God opened your eyes to see the defilement and injustice happening around you or somewhere else. I believe this to be the case since the dream happens after prayers. I believe God is calling you to intercede on behalf of those oppressed, recently there have been many cases of gang rape globally and you can do something through prayer.

      The second dream doesn’t necessarily mean you are defiling your sister sexually, but rather it means there is going to be a reconciliation and bonding with your sister. You are going to experience a deeper and healthy friendship with her.

      The reason you find semen on your pants is simply a response of the body toward the sexual activity in the dream. In the dream, you are observing sex scenes that cause your brain to respond.

      So you don’t need to be troubled, just continue praying and serving God in purity especially the purity of your mind. I will suggest that you be reading the Bible before sleeping to clear your mind of any evil thoughts. The word of God is a cleanser John 17:17. If you still have more questions you can ask.

  40. Hi Pastor

    I dreamnt about having sex with my partner but every time I look at his face it looks like a familiar woman face. Also in the same dream I’m running away from different men who are trying to have sexual intercourse with me

    1. Thank you for asking. I can tell from what you have just written that there is a strong man in your life. What I mean with a strong man is simply a spiritual spouse who takes advantage of you sexually. The familiar faces you saw while having intercourse with your partner is a manifestation of a spiritual spouse.

      These are the same spirits chasing you so as to raped you, and they achieve this by paralysing your body, that’s why it’s difficult to defend yourself.

      Pray about it and plead the blood of Jesus Christ on your life. Consider dedicating (through an offering) to destroy this dream and the power of demonic oppression in your dreams.

  41. I dream I was having sex with a girl in my area that I do buy food stuff in there place and we were having a walk in the dream that I don’t even care about what people will say cut she is so younger than me in everything and no one would ever believe I could date such girl. Meaning please?

    1. As you have said, the lady is a familiar person to you as you buy food stuff from their place. Without over spiritualizing this dream, it’s simply a reflection of your thoughts, your feelings, and may be fantasies about the lady. The reason I am saying this is that God will not lead you to marrying a person who is not compatible with you. As you said it yourself, she is much younger than you, and that is a concern. Please be careful lest you be carried away by the fantastic illusion of love.

      The dream doesn’t predict something that will happen, rather it’s a projection of the thoughts you entertain in your mind and heart. Please don’t throw away your restraint.

      Consider reading this article about age in marriage.

    2. Pastor my life has been up and down all because of this same issue having sex in my dreams, this has been happening for years now, I’ve talk to my family about it several times but it’s only bothered them for few minutes. After that few minutes then forget about it. And none of them ask me often about this situation.
      I looked down on my family for this act. And sometimes it’s scared me if I can impregnate a lady in the future… I’m a little bit young and I’m 26 years old now….
      And this has been going on for many years that I can’t remember, I have tried my best talking to God for his miracle upon my life. But it’s seems that God doesn’t even care about my situation either, sometimes I feel like committing suicide because life has been terrible for such a young man like me,, I cry every day and night for this to end,,,, i know this is a spiritual issue because the ladies in my dream comes in different face, sometimes I feel helpless trying to wake up from that sleep, anytime I try to force myself up from that dream I feel like someone is on top of me with a lot of power to pin me down,,,,, I’m from Edo State, Benin city…… A city full of evil and witchcraft, and my grandma with my mom’s sister are one of the witchcraft and we all knew about this in the family,,, why I’m deeply confused is that my grandmother has passed away for years now remaining my mom’s elder sister. But I still have sex in my dreams. I feel like I’m lost.
      I don’t know why God allow stuff like this to happen to me for so many years, since I was born my life has been hell. I already feel like I’m in hell……..
      My education status is very low, so sorry if I make mistakes writing.

      1. I am really sorry Ernest for your family’s attitude towards your dream life. Don’t give up, God is able to save.

        From what you have written, it is clear evidence that you are bound on an evil altar. The fact that your grandma and aunt are in witchcraft, says a lot concerning your family. You need to break evil family altars and raise an altar for God to operate in. This evil altar in your family is what is stopping God from reaching to you. You need to give God a legal right to operate in your life by raising an altar for him.

        When God called Gideon, He asked him to destroy his father’s foreign altars. (Judges 6: 24-26).

        This is the only way for you to be totally free from these demonic covenants. Consider fasting and praying for seven days and meditate on the Word of God.

        Every night before you sleep, please always consider to pray and read the word of God and declare the promises of God over your life. Declare Isaiah 54:17 and Psalms 68, over and over again. May you be delivered in the name of Jesus Christ.

  42. I’ve been having constant sex in the dream since when a man forcefully harassed me sexually sometimes I don’t even dream but when I wake up I find my self wet….I’ve been battling with this for almost a year now, I’ve done so many things but it still continues

    1. I am truly sorry to hear that. I believe you are a man if I am not wrong. First, The sexual dreams are as a result of unresolved sexual matter. Your mind keeps bringing up this horrific memory of sexual assault. You need to seek healing and deliverance.

      Secondly, the dream has a spiritual implication. The fact that another man harassed you sexual, means that a door was opened for homosexual spirits to torment you in your life. Please consider dedicating your life to God for protection and break this evil circle through the convenant of the blood of Jesus. Also dedicate to destroy this evil dreams. May God set you free in Jesus name. Amen. Read Leviticus 27:28-29.

  43. What does my dream mean. I dreamt that i was kissing and caressing a famous footballer, it was very close to intimacy and so intense i could feel it, a feeling i never had before. I woke and sit up and was short of breath

    1. What you saw was a reflection of your desires, as in walking life you might be obsessed with this person. It is possible that you are lusting after this person, hence the dream is a consequent of your thoughts. Just stop focussing so much on that person and shift your attention on Christ and His word.

  44. What does it mean to dream of having sex with someone (stranger) but know his name? The name is not someone I know at all nor have I come across anyone with that name. His name in the dream was Leandro. In the dream a group of people walked in on us having sex. He then left and I was stranded at the place.

    I hope you can help me interpret this. I prayed about it and pleaded the blood of Jesus over me.

    1. The fact that you were found and left stranded may be the clue for the dream interpretation. Even though I don’t have enough details pertaining the events that occurred before the dream, I believe the dream represent an event that brings shame to your life, as you were found by a group of people. The stranger is responsible for this, hence be careful with who you introduce into your inner circle. Since you have not mentioned that the stranger was raping you I cannot conclude he is a spiritual spouse. It is an event that will bring you shame, because no one desires to be found fornicating or having sex, as sex is sacred and private.

      I believe this dream is a warning for you to be more cautious as shame is encroachinng at your door. Please read Job 33:14-18.

    1. Thank you for your question. This dream can represent a form pervasion in society, especially if it’s anal sex or other weird sexual relations. It may also represent people who are living in sexual sin, therefore pray for them. You can provide more details on what they were doing, where and the type of sex, this will aid in proper interpretation of your dream.

      1. Hello joshua
        My name is sharese an older lady at my job did witchcraft on am currently battling with this i am now experiencing another female having having sex as well as oral sex with me in my dreams and i am also experiencing eating in my dreams I’ve noticed that the more i wake up and renounce them once i fall back asleep food reoccurs each time that i fall back asleep after rebuking it I’ve been to a church got hands on deliverance, I Fast, Pray, worship…ect idk what else to do please let mr know if you would recommend anything different for me.

        1. Hi sharese, just to get your question clear. Did you consent to be involved in witchcraft or you mean someone bewitched you?

          Please you can consider filling the form on the contact page to gather more information concerning your matter.

          I believe you need deliverance. The food you eat in your dreams is defiling your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Most often, it’s human flesh that witches feed their captives. And the sex can be a demonic ritual being performed on you.

          Please fill the form and I will give you more direction afterwards. Thank you

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