There are various spiritual causes of sex dreams which include, normal sexual rhythms, soul ties, a perverted heart, demonic activities, evil covenants, and the influence of corrupted music and movies.

Spiritual causes of sex dreams

Dreams have a strange way to reveal hidden desires and fantasies. They reveal carnal inclinations which signal a need to feed your spirit with the right content especially The Word of God.

What are the causes of sex dreams

Normal sexual rhythms

Sex dreams can be due to normal sexual rhythms within your body, meaning it is a natural call of your body. For example, most women tend to experience a higher sexual desire and arousal around 14 days to and 7 days after menstruation due to strong sexual tensions caused by hormonal fluctuations. Hence, such dreams reveal the condition of your body and its needs.

Soul ties

Erotic dreams can be caused by blood covenants raised through fornication or failed marriages. These covenants act as open doors for demonic attacks as you are still bound to those people. Take the initiative to break each covenant to be set free from evil sexual dreams.

A perverted and evil heart

Your sexual dreams may reflect a perverted and evil heart and mind, hence, you need to repent and walk-in mental, physical, and spiritual purity.

Sex dreams are also meant to terrify us of our carnal nature and sinful lives. e.g. living in fornication, masturbation, adultery, watching porn, lust, and other sexual sins.

Demonic activities

The dream may also be involving demonic entities, probably because you are living in sin, or you were previously living in sexual sin and never received deliverance.

Influence of corrupted music and movies

Most secular music and movies are dedicated to the devil. These songs open your spirit doors to foreign entities to influence your thoughts and spirit.

Evil covenants

There are people who are bound by witchcraft and family altars, without their knowledge. These altars give foreign entities access to your spirit. They often force you to have sexual relations with them in your dreams. The only way out is by breaking family altars and denouncing every power of witchcraft over your life.

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The dream is symbolic

This is not a cause but explains the intended purpose of your sexual dreams. Therefore, the dream is symbolic. Most biblical dreams are symbolic, and this can be the case with your dreams.

The imagery of sex in a dream is meant to symbolize an aspect of your personality. For example, if you are a gossiper you will dream of having oral sex in different locations and with different individuals of your caliber.

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