Does God warn you not to marry someone? The answer is yes. Indeed, God does warn us not to be involved with some people in a relationship. The reason is that God knows the motives of every person’s heart and He also knows what is best for us. This doesn’t mean that God chooses a life partner for anyone. Don’t confuse the two. God can never choose a spouse or even reveal to you your future spouse in a dream. It is our choice to make and not His. Having comprehended that, it is easier to also understand when God warns you not to marry someone in a dream.

Does God warn you not to marry someone?

I always say that dreams serve 3 major purposes in the lives of a believer. These are also the main reasons why God gives us dreams.

  1. Dreams are meant for instruction.
  2. They are for warnings. [Job 33:14-18].
  3. They are meant to give us direction.

With our carnal eyes and mind, we cannot understand the person we are eager to marry. They might be very beautiful or handsome. This is the reason you spotted them in the first place. They might also portray characters or attitudes that we adore. Which makes them even more attractive.

They might also be Christians who love the LORD; however, they have another hidden side of them. There are things they hide from you about themselves. Therefore, they are not utterly faithful to you. Most often we fail to discern the truth since we are caught up in the fantastic illusion of love. Therefore, we can’t think straight as our judgment is clouded with fantasy.

Why God warns you not to marry someone?

The reason why God warns you not to marry someone is that he sees them through. And He doesn’t want you to end in a toxic relationship that will eventually break your heart terribly. Or even worse leads to divorce in the near future. Always know that some people are too good to be true or trusted at all.

It is commonly known that some people can pretend to be true believers in the short run just to win someone’s heart over. I have personally witnessed the same and it is a sad story. This kind of deception is evident in the church today. As the church is a perfect ground to spot innocent and virgin ladies or Christians generally. Ladies are most cases the targeted prey for such deceptions. I am not saying men are immune to deception, however, it is these same men that practice such deception.

When God warns you not to marry someone in a dream, it’s because He understands what is happening behind the scenes.

A personal experience where God warned me in a dream not to date someone.

There was a time I had issues in my relationship and I thought maybe I should quit. However, this was not the Will of God, it was just a test. True love was being tested.

At one instance I started thinking of this lady who used to visit our home to purchase some products we were selling. The lady was a pastor’s daughter and she had a very good reputation. This made her outstanding and attractive. She was also very beautiful I confess. Then I started entertaining the thought of dating her, as she would make a great wife. She had all the qualities, why then not date her and eventually marry her?

However, God warned me in a dream not to date her at all. In the dream, we were dating. In one scene I was with her, just having fun, and the relationship seemed so deep as we were caressing. Then suddenly, in the other scene, she was with someone else, in fact fornicating. I walked up and was shocked. I then prayed and God gave me the interpretation. The message was clear. God warned me not to date her. It’s like she was living a double-standard life. Or let’s say she was not utterly faithful, and therefore not the person I thought her to be.

To back up this dream, God revealed to me another dream about a pastor’s wife. In the dream, she was having an affair with another man. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then I asked a lady who was supposedly her friend if she had known about this. In the dream, she told me that this is what the pastor’s wife had been doing behind the scenes. From this, I learned that God was protecting me from making the same mistake and finding myself in such a relationship. God was still warning me not to date the pastor’s daughter.

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What purpose do dreams serve in our lives especially concerning marriage?

From the above examples, we have learned how and why God warns us through dreams. God warns you not to marry someone to keep you out of toxic relationships and marriage. He desires that we enjoy our marriage life and not struggle in it.

a) Dreams meant to warn us.

When you read Job 33:14-18, you will see how God speaks to us in a deep sleep to warn us about certain things. The goal is to keep us from falling into a pit. The pit of sin or the snare of the enemy. For example, God warned Abimelech through a dream not to touch Sarah, lest he dies. [Genesis 20:3].

b) Dreams meant to instruct us.

God can instruct us on what we ought to do when faced with a challenging circumstance. He can also instruct us on what to avoid to escape temptations or trouble. A good example is that of Joseph and Marry the mother of Jesus. God instructed Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt together with Marry and the baby Jesus since Herod had purposed to kill the child. [Matthew 2:13].

d) Dreams meant to give direction.

These dreams are closely related to those of instruction. However, direct in our context means to lead or guide to achieve certain goals. It has the same meaning as Psalms 37:23. In that God directs our steps even through a dream or vision.

Biblical evidence that God can warn you not to marry someone.

The best example is that of Joseph and Marry. Even though in this example God instructed Joseph not to leave Marry. It still gives us solid evidence that God can instruct you not to divorce or leave your partner. He can also warn you from marrying someone.

You should realize that God didn’t instruct Joseph to Marry. Or let’s say God had not given Joseph a future revelation of who his wife would be. In this case, God was instructing Joseph not to leave marry since they were already in a relationship. Joseph had chosen Marry for himself and not God. God was saving their relationship because Joseph was about to make a serious mistake.


The bottom line is that God can warn you not to marry someone, however, He does not choose a life partner for anyone. It’s your choice to make. 

I hope this piece of article answered your question. Does God warn you not to marry someone in a dream? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading to the end. God bless you.

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  1. Comfort Adasi says:

    I dreamt of having a baby with my boyfriend and I the he was wearing a shirt and boxer shorts without trousers and he stepped out, I can’t seem to understand it. I have been told he isn’t the right man for me but I love him very much and I can’t see myself with anyone else but at the same time I am afraid I am making the wrong choice. Please help

    1. Are you engaging in premarital sex? if not, then, the dream serves as a warning. Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself in a critical situation with someone with whom you are not in covenant with.

      It’s good to understand what God’s will is concerning this matter. The fact that your heart is not at peace is an indication you are not in the will of God. Because in the will of God, nothing goes wrong.

      Is the man born again and committed to Christ? (2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 7:1).

      Don’t allow emotions to influence your decision making process, let the Word of God do.

  2. Darren Dickinson says:

    I had a dream that my fiancé who I marry in three months is “morally ok” with dating other men secretly. Should I tell her my dream?

    A few months ago she confessed to me that her coworker had tried to kiss her on her last day at her old workplace and she is still friends with her coworker. She told me two days after the event had supposedly occurred but insisted that nothing happen.
    The day before she told me, she was unusually quite, with her eyes avoiding my gaze….

    1. Darren, this is a warning dream, the kind described in Job 33:14-18.

      The dream is a warning that there things you need to settle with your finance before marriage, lest they end up becoming a stumbling block in the future.

      Look, you need to set clear boundaries and make it clear you are not willing to commit to someone who has double standards. Listen to me brother, a woman can not have male friends and expect to have a successful marriage. This men will always look for an opportunity to be with her, hence destroying the marriage.

      Since she already admitted of a similar incident, your dream makes sense. And I hope it is not as a result of you overthinking the matter.

      Please sit down with her and discuss the matter. It is your marriage and future that is at stake, and therefore don’t be ignorant of this matter.

      Let her be honest of what is really happening behind the scenes. Make it clear you will not proceed with the marriage if she doesn’t cut ties with all her male ‘friends’.

      Thank you for reaching out. May God grant you wisdom to handle the matter.

  3. I was convicted on my spirit when my husband today proposed. I wanted to tell him can I think about this. I heard no twice and that I will regret it. It has been my portion since. I live in regret everyday with two children. My family and friends are ringing in my ear to leave him and move on. Him and his family is convincing me that we should stay together. I don’t trust him or his side of the family. They have been tearing me down since. Always portraying innocent and pointing the finger at me and my family. I should of listened. It wasn’t the devil’s voice I heard but God warning me. I wave off all the sign after getting confirmation from leadership and family members to marry him because of who he appeared to be to them at that time.

    1. The best way to know the will of God is simple, if the matter doesn’t give you peace of heart and mind then it is not in the perfect will of God.
      If you are married do not consider divorce, as God doesn’t approve of it. What is the main issue here? Are you already married and considering divorce, or are you starting a relationship and you are not sure of it?

  4. Rose Nsaba says:

    Good morning man of God,
    I need help for interpretation of my dreams.
    I lost a man , I started praying to God that I don’t want to be a widow coz am still young below 30yrs. After some times men started approaching me but my heart could not welcome then because I prayed to God to give me the spirit to discern those that are not what God promises me. This was because the first man I married who passed on during the relationship I prayed about it and I got dream that he was sleeping in a dirty place I could clean him but still he could not get clean but because he was too pushy and when I told him to give me time he never accepted and I was already compromised. I ended up marrying him but when I reached there the family was so toxic upto the end. So this time I said I will pray to God to find some for me coz when I found one for myself like others it didn’t go well with me. From the time I lost that man,I have been praying day and night to God to show me the way.
    Now there is this man who has tried to love me but when I decided to fast for three days,I got a dream that I was in an exam and lost my belt in a room but when I went to pick it it was not there but our supervisor had picked a small belt of the cadre lower than my cadre and which was smart and fitting me but could not allow me space for increasing in size or gain weight. Later I got another dream about him that people told me that am dating that man but he has never been committed to any lady, later I got another dream about him that he had alot of pigs around his home, the house was very dirty and pigs were spoiling everything that he had.
    I continued praying,then I got another dream that I was at my parents home sweeping in the compound and there came awoman who was passing by and called me by name and told me come I have gotten for you a man come and meet him and don’t refuse him, I told the woman that if I find him without the characters I want I will refuse him, and I told the woman to atleast tell me the name of the man before we go to meet him, the woman told me do you want to tell me that you don’t know Abraham. When I starting thinking of the Abraham I know in the dream I found was a man in the far away I have never talked to him in regards to this but then I started asking that woman that me and Abraham how does it come yet he is not close to me or even my class. When I was still amezed at what the woman had told me. I came out of the dream. I seek your interpretation.

    1. Rose, God is faithful and answers prayers. The first dreams are intended to warn you concerning the man trying to date you, lest you find yourself in the same scenario with your late husband. The pigs and filthy around him and his house portray his true nature and that he is not who he claims to be. Beware of that!

      The last dream is meant to encourage you, even though you should be extra careful as the devil disguises himself as an angel of light. Continue praying about the last dream for a clear revelation and direction. And also do some research to figure out some details about this man (Abraham). May God grant you wisdom and the desire of your heart.

  5. I dreamt where I got an attacked by the spirit of an ex wife (who is already dead )of the man who wants to marry me while I was about to take care of there children. I told him to pray about it which he did. I dreamt again where the woman did not attack me again but she is angry and I was outside cooking for the children. is this a sign that God wants me to walk a way from him.

    1. Ask yourself the following questions;
      – what caused her death?
      – how was her relationship with her husband?
      -Was she a faithful christian?

      She has the right to be angry as your are taking over her territory and spouse. That’s why it is important to understand what happened before she passed away. If she was not a faithful christian she might have had her strange gods and a strange alter in that family.

      This dream is a warning. Be careful what you are involving yourself in. Take your time and don’t rush to this marriage it might ruin your life forever.

      Continue praying and ask God for clear revelation. May God protect you

      1. Thank you sir and God bless you abundantly.

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