a vulnerable lady with attachment syndrome

This article is not meant to justify any social vices. However, to describe and find out the possible cause of behavioral changes as we dive into the mind of humans. We are going to define vulnerability and attachment syndrome.

It explains why most people end up attached to the wrong people. Issues such as, why people opt for prostitution and pornography, why they become unfaithful in relationships, and much more.


According to the oxford dictionary, vulnerability is “Susceptibility to attack or injury; the state or condition of being weak or poorly defended.”


People who are strongly attached (emotionally attached) tend to be vulnerable as they are exposed to each other. This happens especially for newly wedded or young lovers, in a relationship. People that are used to each other can’t bear to stay away from each other. In the event where one of the lovers, by any chance, is disconnected from the other, there is always that urge for them to reconnect again. If they are not trained to be patient and they lack self-control, there is a great possibility for them [out of their urge, which makes them vulnerable], to be very easily attached.

This process may lead to a new relationship, not out of love but out of a compromised state. Especially if the person entertains the thought of being with another person. This person has become a slave to his vulnerable state. We can’t call this lust because it doesn’t manifest as lust. However, it is something that is out of an uncontrollable desire from the depth of the soul. Exposed due to a lack of patience.


It is very easy for an individual to find himself in a compromised state. That’s why it is important to guard your heart. We should learn to know when and how to set boundaries in any relationship. Especially if we interact with a person of the opposite sex, we ought to be watchful. This may make us easy targets to be preyed on. We should also avoid being too attached to anyone since the result is a hard heartbreak after a breakup. You will always find it difficult to move on since you are somehow dependent on the other person emotionally. Before ever falling in love, you should accept the fact that people do change. Also, consider the possibility of them disappointing you terribly.

We are all human beings with our strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, no one should be dependent on anyone for emotional gratification. It’s only Jesus who is the perfect man, and Him alone should you entrust with your heart.

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