Does God warn you not to marry someone? The answer is yes. Indeed, God does warn us not to be involved with some people in a relationship. The reason is that God knows the motives of every person’s heart and He also knows what is best for us. This doesn’t mean that God chooses a life partner for anyone. Don’t confuse the two. God can never choose a spouse or even reveal to you your future spouse in a dream. It is our choice to make and not His. Having comprehended that, it is easier to also understand when God warns you not to marry someone in a dream.

Does God warn you not to marry someone?

I always say that dreams serve 3 major purposes in the lives of a believer. These are also the main reasons why God gives us dreams.

  1. Dreams are meant for instruction.
  2. They are for warnings. [Job 33:14-18].
  3. They are meant to give us direction.

With our carnal eyes and mind, we cannot understand the person we are eager to marry. They might be very beautiful or handsome. This is the reason you spotted them in the first place. They might also portray characters or attitudes that we adore. Which makes them even more attractive.

They might also be Christians who love the LORD; however, they have another hidden side of them. There are things they hide from you about themselves. Therefore, they are not utterly faithful to you. Most often we fail to discern the truth since we are caught up in the fantastic illusion of love. Therefore, we can’t think straight as our judgment is clouded with fantasy.

Why God warns you not to marry someone?

The reason why God warns you not to marry someone is that he sees them through. And He doesn’t want you to end in a toxic relationship that will eventually break your heart terribly. Or even worse leads to divorce in the near future. Always know that some people are too good to be true or trusted at all.

It is commonly known that some people can pretend to be true believers in the short run just to win someone’s heart over. I have personally witnessed the same and it is a sad story. This kind of deception is evident in the church today. As the church is a perfect ground to spot innocent and virgin ladies or Christians generally. Ladies are most cases the targeted prey for such deceptions. I am not saying men are immune to deception, however, it is these same men that practice such deception.

When God warns you not to marry someone in a dream, it’s because He understands what is happening behind the scenes.

A personal experience where God warned me in a dream not to date someone.

There was a time I had issues in my relationship and I thought maybe I should quit. However, this was not the Will of God, it was just a test. True love was being tested.

At one instance I started thinking of this lady who used to visit our home to purchase some products we were selling. The lady was a pastor’s daughter and she had a very good reputation. This made her outstanding and attractive. She was also very beautiful I confess. Then I started entertaining the thought of dating her, as she would make a great wife. She had all the qualities, why then not date her and eventually marry her?

However, God warned me in a dream not to date her at all. In the dream, we were dating. In one scene I was with her, just having fun, and the relationship seemed so deep as we were caressing. Then suddenly, in the other scene, she was with someone else, in fact fornicating. I walked up and was shocked. I then prayed and God gave me the interpretation. The message was clear. God warned me not to date her. It’s like she was living a double-standard life. Or let’s say she was not utterly faithful, and therefore not the person I thought her to be.

To back up this dream, God revealed to me another dream about a pastor’s wife. In the dream, she was having an affair with another man. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then I asked a lady who was supposedly her friend if she had known about this. In the dream, she told me that this is what the pastor’s wife had been doing behind the scenes. From this, I learned that God was protecting me from making the same mistake and finding myself in such a relationship. God was still warning me not to date the pastor’s daughter.

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What purpose do dreams serve in our lives especially concerning marriage?

From the above examples, we have learned how and why God warns us through dreams. God warns you not to marry someone to keep you out of toxic relationships and marriage. He desires that we enjoy our marriage life and not struggle in it.

a) Dreams meant to warn us.

When you read Job 33:14-18, you will see how God speaks to us in a deep sleep to warn us about certain things. The goal is to keep us from falling into a pit. The pit of sin or the snare of the enemy. For example, God warned Abimelech through a dream not to touch Sarah, lest he dies. [Genesis 20:3].

b) Dreams meant to instruct us.

God can instruct us on what we ought to do when faced with a challenging circumstance. He can also instruct us on what to avoid to escape temptations or trouble. A good example is that of Joseph and Marry the mother of Jesus. God instructed Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt together with Marry and the baby Jesus since Herod had purposed to kill the child. [Matthew 2:13].

d) Dreams meant to give direction.

These dreams are closely related to those of instruction. However, direct in our context means to lead or guide to achieve certain goals. It has the same meaning as Psalms 37:23. In that God directs our steps even through a dream or vision.

Biblical evidence that God can warn you not to marry someone.

The best example is that of Joseph and Marry. Even though in this example God instructed Joseph not to leave Marry. It still gives us solid evidence that God can instruct you not to divorce or leave your partner. He can also warn you from marrying someone.

You should realize that God didn’t instruct Joseph to Marry. Or let’s say God had not given Joseph a future revelation of who his wife would be. In this case, God was instructing Joseph not to leave marry since they were already in a relationship. Joseph had chosen Marry for himself and not God. God was saving their relationship because Joseph was about to make a serious mistake.


The bottom line is that God can warn you not to marry someone, however, He does not choose a life partner for anyone. It’s your choice to make. 

I hope this piece of article answered your question. Does God warn you not to marry someone in a dream? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading to the end. God bless you.

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  1. wow,my lesson is God can warn u about a partner ,but its not him to choose for as a partner sometimes

  2. Julie Sok says:

    I had a dream my fiance got in another argument with me and told me he was done with everything, with all the trying and with all the doing. I was heartbroken and went to school on my own.

    Second scene: Then me and my whole family and a whole bunch of other people had to go to town (it seemed like a Christmas ginger village). I was instructed by my aunt( my dad’s sister who lives across in a different state) to purchase a green cheese cake. I searched and searched and was disappointed not to find it. I was standing in a corner by the doors of a big room when a man “like santa but he wasn’t dressed like santa” was coming around and talking to everyone and blessing them and encouraging them. I was so heartbroken and disappointed that I couldn’t lift my eyes up to even look at him. Everyone in that room was so happy except me. The man passed me but then walked backwards to me and in my mind I heard “tell me, ask him, talk to him”, I answered myself and said no it doesn’t matter I wasn’t successful. The man walked away again and again walked backwards to me. Then he walked to the center of the room and said “ i was told to make a green cheese cake for tonight but I didnt. Then he looked straight at me and said, “ i felt you when I walked passed you. I didnt make the green cheese cake but I have something better for you. A bright purple cheese cake. I took your pain, your tears, your heart break and your disappointments and I made new colors on your cake.” The cake was beautiful. It seemed to be bursting like fireworks with bright and brilliant shades of purple.

    Another scene: we are driving home At night in an old waltz wagon. My whole family is in the back seat and my fiancée is the driver. I saw smoke in the car and I asked him what it was. At first he didn’t answer me and then with frustration he say, “ yeah Im smoking what are you going to do about it?! Its my choice, Im gonna do what I want.” When we got home amd I stepped out of the car, he extended his hand to me like “I love you take my hand”. I was so frustrated and said “im done” and walked away into the house.

    1. The dream seems to be addressing some frustration in your waking life, it could also have an element of your personal relationship.

      God wants you to trust in Him, despite what your are going through or have been going through, He is able to turn your pain and heartbreak into joy.

      I don’t know if you are in a relationship. if so, then the dream is a clear warning about the person you are attaching yourself to, He may seem right but he is hiding his true identity from you.

      if you have any more questions, please fill in the dream interpretation form on the contact page.

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