What was the reason why Solomon loved strange women? It’s a pity and a great controversy that Solomon created the conditions for his downfall with all his wisdom. The major reason is his love for strange women. He had an insatiable lust for women. For this reason, he took for himself, 700 wives and 300 concubines. What! I know it sounds crazy. Having just one wife in our current dispensation is a burden to some due to our living standards presently. What about having just five more? It will automatically turn to hell.

three beautiful strange women that Solomon loved

I believe that Solomon had not just an affinity for strange women, but also beautiful crazy ones. However, most of these women if not all were married for geopolitical reasons and lust and never out of love.

Solomon loved strange women or preferred them because these women knew how ‘to make love’ and drive a man crazy.  The phase strange women, simple means pagan gentile women, idolatrous and those who do not know God. We know from certain cultures such as that of Corinth that these women practiced temple prostitution.  The pagan women from their childhood were trained to seduce men because that was their way of living. They were also trained in all manner of perversions such as lesbianism. They would practice these activities to their idol gods as a sacrifice.

Why Christians tend to love unbelievers.

This is the same excuse that most brothers give to justify their relations with unbelieving women. They will claim that the Christian women don’t know how to make love, and for that reason, they opt for the pagan women. This is deception and a hideous ideology. The truth is that these men are propelled by lust and not love. There is no love in their hearts, that’s why they lust after strange women.

Why Solomon loved strange women 

What the Bible teaches about Solomon’s love for Strange women.

In Deuteronomy 17;17, the LORD had warned through His servant Moses that a king should refrain from having multiple women or affairs. The reason being these women will lure his heart away from the living God. Yet Solomon never took heed of these instructions, his wisdom led him to be ignorant, instead of enlightening him.

By the end of the day these strange women, intrigued Solomon to their idol practices. They seduced him to pay his loyalty to and worship idols and forsook God.

Lessons learned

As Christians, we should refrain from marital affairs with unbelievers. Their hearts are not after the LORD, but their carnal nature. If you are already married to one, I believe God will give you grace and use you as a vessel of redemption to your spouse. However, if you are still single, please take heed, and refrain from such relationships lest your heart be turned away from Yahweh and you end up losing your soul.


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