Should you continue fasting if you get sick? If you happen to get sick while fasting it is wise to stop for a while until you get better before proceeding with the fast. This way you will prevent unnecessary medical complications which might lead to severe consequences.

Should you continue fasting if you get sick?

However, if it is a minor headache and you are convinced it won’t bother you, then you should proceed with your biblical fasting. Sometimes these can be a distraction from the enemy to deter you from your spiritual obligation as a Christian. You should be able to discern whether it is a distraction or a real medical complication.

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If it is your first time to fast, your body will tend to resist the new conditions you are subjecting it to. As a result, you might experience minor headaches and body weakness. You have to be wise to overcome the temptation to break a fast because of your appetite.

On the contrary, if you have been having health issues before, you should seek advice from a doctor. Biblical fasting is not meant to punish you; therefore, you should not endanger yourself to prove a point. God knows your heart. If you have enough faith, you should pray and fast yourself out of any situation, but not all Christians have faith.

Remember I am not a doctor, so if you have complications during a fast please seek advice from a physician. My desire is that you should build your faith to come out of any challenge you face in life.

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