Was it God’s fault that Cain killed Abel? Or allow me to put it in these few ways. Was God behind the murder of Abel? Was God’s favoritism the reason why Cain killed Abel? And lastly, did God cause Cain to kill Abel? I am sure you have at one point asked yourself any of these critical questions. They might sound blasphemous to many because of their belief system.

To begin with, Cain’s actions cannot be justified at any cost. He is the first murderer of all time.  This happened as a result of his actions which lead to his sacrifice being denied. He was unfaithful and greedy even though this is not mentioned in scripture. However, we see it clearly when he presented his offering to God.

He assumed the whole process and just picked any sacrifice to present to God. This is the reason why Cain’s sacrifice was rejected. This depicted the state of his heart. He was not a man after God’s heart, but rather as some schoolers suggest, he was a disciple of the devil. [1 John 3:11-12] [Genesis 4:5].

Unlike his brother, Abel was the total opposite of Cain. Again, this is portrayed from his service to God through his offering.

God’s favor on Abel’s offering

Abel is the first person who offered the best out of his flock to the Lord as an offering. He is the father/author of the first fruit giving. He chose the best of the firstborn and for this reason, God showed him a favor. [Genesis 4:4].

After observing that God had favored Abel’s offering, Cain became furious and allowed the enemy to take advantage of Him. Anger is an open door and a contact point for demonic attack and possession. Therefore, it was not God’s fault that Cain killed Abel it was his sin and jealousy that drove him nuts and opened a portal for demonic activity in his heart. [Genesis 4:8].

We all know that God is righteous and therefore does not cause anyone to sin. [James 1:13]. It is a man’s lustful desires that entice and lure him to fall into the pit of temptation.

It was not God’s fault but Cain’s sin | God is just.

Cain’s actions were a result of his sin and not because of God’s favor upon Abel. Our God is not partial in His judgment, He rewards us according to our deeds. This is what happened in the case of Abel’s and Cain’s offering. [James 1:17].

God’s character in regards to Cain’s offering.

We are defending the character of God here. The name of God should never be profaned because of any man’s sin. That man should bear the consequences of his folly. In Genesis 4:7-8, God warned Cain to guard his heart yet he ignored it. He warned him that sin was crouching at the door of his heart seeking to destroy him. God gave him the antidote, which is to master sin to overcome it.

Lesson learned from Cain and Abel

We should learn to do good, especially in our service to God and even men. We should not be envious or jealous when others are experiencing the favor and grace of God. You may have been faithful for 20 years, but you are not been successful in life yet. Contrary, a new convert becomes successful within a very short period. You wonder whether God is just and righteous.

Trust me, I get it, I have been there too. Despite this, we should be aware that our current circumstances do not define God’s character. We all have different assignments and that’s why things are the way they are.

May God give us the grace to persevere and to do what is right “for at due season we shall reap a harvest of righteousness.” [Galatians 6;9, 1 Corinthians 15:58].

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