What is the right time to be in a relationship?

What is the right time to be in a relationship? This is a question that troubles the major, it’s like a puzzle, we find it difficult to define the whole concept of the right time or even the right person. Love is a beautiful thing and it is the desire of every one of us to find the love of our life, a life companion and someone who compliments us, one who will appreciate our past, who we are currently, and who we will become in the near future.

There is a time for everything in this world, and we all have different seasons in life. The race is not for the swiftest, and therefore we should take our time in whatever we do. We should avoid imposing our experiences as a gold standard on other people’s lives. Honestly, God is writing our stories differently, because we all have a unique calling and purpose in life. 

Some have tried marriage at age 23 and it has worked perfectly for them, while others have to wait until they are 35 for their relationship to work. There is a need for us to appreciate diversity.

Priorities as a determining factor for relationships.

Every person should take their time and based on their vision and purpose in life, make a judgment /decision on what time is suitable for them to marry. But we should also make our priorities right because there is a time for everything. To be honest, no one is ever prepared enough for a relationship, sometimes we have to learn something when we are already in the relationship. No one is ever ready, so we should not be afraid to be in love. 

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An opportunity presents itself in small things and unlikely places, and no one is ever prepared for such opportunities, and we have to seize the opportunity at any cost.

If we define ‘the right time to be in a relationship’ in terms of maturity, it is obvious that one has to be physically and emotionally mature. But what about financial stability? Honestly, you don’t need finances to be in love. I am not disputing the place of finances in a relationship because we need money to meet our daily needs and many other responsibilities. Therefore, finances should never become a reason for not being in love, because God has a divine purpose for each relationship that we engage in.


Above all, we should seek to know God’s will for our lives that we may not end up missing the mark.

“At the right time, God makes things

(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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