We live in a society that trains men to have a better understanding of women, but rarely are women taught to understand their husbands/ men.  This is a selfish attitude our society has towards men. I would say that most ladies are ‘selfish’ as they are much in being understood but they don’t even make any attempt to understand /learn men (how to relate with them/ interact with them)

When a woman rejects a gift from her man, to the man, he considers the act as the epidemy of an insult, it’s an insult to his manhood.

“rejecting a lover’s gift is rejecting his heart.”

Joshua mwangangi

It’s better to reject a man than the gift he offers to you. The majority of ladies have no idea what most men undergo to impress them, unfortunately, most ladies have rejected the gift (in their minds they think they are helping the guy to save, but trust me on this, what you do is wrong). This act breaks the heart of the man so hard and destroys his self-esteem. He feels he is no longer respected hence not loved and appreciated for his hard work. This is because men interpret respect as love.

Finding fault with his gift is finding fault with him. Men put their lives at stake so as to please their lovers, they sacrifice the last coin, effort, and even their own joy to make those they love happy and give their lives meaning.

How a realistic relationship should look like.

A good relationship should be about pursuing each other, and not one individual pursuing the other who pretends to have no interest. The two individuals should therefore pursue each other with the goal of “making it happen.”


We should learn to appreciate others, especially those we have poured our hearts into. Friends, get this right, even though the gift may not be pleasing, for the sake of the relationship, accept it.

Everyone desires to be with someone that responds to their love with affection and sincerity.

“Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.”

(I Corinthians 10:24, NIV)

Joshua Mwangangi

Chemist, B.Sc Chemistry. Content writer. Interested in family, marriage, and relationships.

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