Can you marry a lady with a child? If I may ask you, is it better to marry a lady with a child or marry a lady with no child, yet has aborted as many times as she has fornicated? The choice is yours!

Marrying a lady with a child is a risk the majority won’t desire to take. However, love demands something greater than just a sacrifice, and that is a choice. True love must be tested.

Can you marry a lady with a child

love is a choice

Love is a choice and not merely an emotion. Every choice has consequences, including love. It’s is easier to make a choice, however; we have no power over the consequences.

I believe that a good relationship should strike a balance between these three entities, which are logic, choice, and emotion. The three entities should work in perfect harmony resonating towards fulfilling the ultimate purpose of true love.

“You can never separate love from emotions, neither can you separate it from logic, there should be a good balance between these three entities.”

Joshua Mwangangi.

When you choose a life partner you have to accept and appreciate the consequences of being with that person. Love demands that we acknowledge that our partners have weaknesses and therefore we should learn to live with them in patience and great love.

True love is a function of a choice and not emotions. It is easier to appreciate other people’s stories if only God Has worked on your side of the story. When you have come to appreciate His grace for you and end received His love and grace by faith.

When you have an issue in your soul, it starts to show up in a relationship, most often having a negative impact. Therefore, work on your motives before engaging in any relationship. Then, can you marry a lady with a kid.? And the answer is yes.

Remember that love is a choice.

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