There are moments we wish to reverse seasons and circumstances which are out of our control. A time we feel we need to let go, even those we love and treasure most. A time when nothing is working for our good. When all hell breaks loose to attack our faith and crush our hearts into pieces. A time that we are pushed to our limits and patience loss its place and our heart becomes weary. After all, is said and done, we still find ourselves loving even when it hurts. Although there is the fear to trust again.


What does it mean to love even when it hurts?

Take a scenario where your spouse cheats on you, but you still love them. Deep within your heart, you want them to stay, however, the prevailing circumstance can’t allow it. It’s true to say that those we love most really hurt us the most. Even though our hearts are broken and we have become paranoid, it’s amazing to realize that there still remains a special place to love them again.

What is the point of holding on? What is the point of loving anyway? And why is it difficult to let go of those we loved, love and treasure? What is it that binds us so firmly to their souls, to their failing love? These are just but a few of the questions we fight within the quest of finding answers.                           

Our hearts cry within us, “don’t go please, I need you because I love you.” Those who love truly know the cost of self-sacrifice. They understand that love requires huge investment in the form of time, resources, and even to some extent our lives. Those who love understand that the place of love in their heart is a unique and special one. One that can’t be replaced by any material thing or pleasure. They understand that true love brings satisfaction and fulfillment in life, it’s worth everything.

Have you ever tried to figure out why a poor old couple would walk down the streets holding hands, filled with love and joyous? It’s because they understand the secret, that true love is about companionship. It’s a commitment that one vows to keep till death sets them asunder. A choice that we resolve in our heart to love our partners for a lifetime even when it doesn’t seem to be the right opinion to the majority.


“True love is the language of the soul that only those involved can understand its depth.” When these two souls are separated from each other, there is always a deep longing, one without measure, for their loved ones. This is so serious to the extent that one can be willing to quit a good-paying job and settle for a low-paying job only to be close to those they love, treasure, and trust with their heart.

The conclusion of the matter is that love is sacrificial, it’s a matter of giving and not seeking gain.

David in psalms 42:1-7 begins with a statement that reveals his longing for the presence of his God. A longing that he describes as,” deep calls unto deep” the spirit of David longed to dive into the Spirit of God to have fellowship with Him. Psalms 42:1-2.

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