Dreaming of a snake biting you indicates an attack against your health, your progress by paralyzing your ability, or might represent poisonous influence in your waking life.

Most snake dreams involve the snake biting the person dreaming. The snake bite may inflict pain and even lead to poisoning, depending on the context of the dream.

Dreaming of a snake biting you

The biblical meaning of a snake biting your head in a dream

Dreaming of a snake biting your head symbolizes an attack against your plans and vision in life.

The head is the seat of governance where life-changing decisions are made. It also represents your emotions and willpower. It also represents your potential, as it is in the human mind where such ability resides.

I remember having a dream where a rat snake bit my forehead severely. In the dream I was resting beside a river (river represents the flow of life – progress), then I walked up and went to a beautiful field covered with grass. As I was lying down, all of a sudden, a snake bit my forehead severally wounding me.

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I took it by the hand and smashed its head against the ground and it was badly injured. It tried to escape but I chased after it and crushed its head and body with my foot. It could not withstand the pain so it crawled away at a supersonic speed.

Dreaming of a snake biting your neck

Dreaming about snakes biting your neck symbolizes an attack on your strength and support. Your neck supports your head (which symbolizes your spiritual authority, plans, and vision).

Therefore, the neck represents what supports your vision in life, this might also be your wife who is your suitable helper. The snake is an enemy who is targeting any support that will fuel your vision and purpose in life. Pray and dedicate your vision to God for protection.

The biblical meaning of a snake biting your leg

Dreaming of a snake biting your leg symbolizes the poisoning of your soul and emotional integrity.

The heel is an open door to your soul and therefore when a snake bites your heel, it poisons your soul with bitterness and unforgiveness.

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I also remember when I was doing my undergraduate attachment at the Kenya Bureau of Standards, I had a dream in which a cobra snake bit my heel twice and I immediately crashed its head with my foot and killed it. I prayed against it and asked God to reveal to me the interpretation.

The dream occurred on a Saturday, the next morning when I was in the church, the visiting pastor inspired by the Spirit of God warned that whoever was having snake dreams should not take it lightly. I knew God was speaking to me to take action through prayers and fasting.

The truth is that I was bitten by the cobra but I was able to overcome it through the blood and name of Jesus. I remember I went into a season of bitterness and unforgiveness, however by the end of it all, God saved me and gave me victory over the enemy.

The spiritual meaning of snakes biting your hand

Your hands symbolize your strength. A snake biting your hand in a dream means that it is paralyzing your ability to be productive. It is attacking your business and also rendering you weak.

The interpretation of the dream is drawn from the Bible as God declared that β€œHe will bless the works of our hands.” It is that work that the enemy is targeting, your ability to serve God with your hands. (Deuteronomy 16:15, 28:12, 30:9)

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