My encounter with Jesus in a dream

On 20th January 2023, I had a very amazing encounter with Jesus in a dream. 

It’s not the first time to happen, but it is just an amazing thing. This time it was about the revelation of what really happened at the cross.

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Dreaming about Jesus

I saw Jesus crucified on the cross, and His robe are full of blood. 

And then there were the two thieves one on the right, and the other on the left. The thief on the left was accusing Christ. And as he was accusing Him, Jesus who was fastened on the cross just pointed his hand towards him (because his hand was already pointed towards that direction, and his other hand pointed towards the other direction). 

After that, I saw the gates of hell being opened, and the spirit of this thieve was taken out of him and the fires of hell engulfed him. He was wrapped in fire and his soul was taken away on the cross. Yet the man was alive, but he had already been taken away to hell.

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And on the other side, I saw this thief who confessed his sin and because of his confession that Christ was a righteous man, I saw paradise opening in that very direction and the man’s spirit was taken. Remember, Jesus told him that “This very day, you shall be with me in paradise”. 

Not in heaven, but in paradise in Abraham’s bosom. So, I saw paradise opening in that direction, and the man’s spirit was taken to paradise.

Once Jesus had given up His spirit, I saw Him in a white robe stained with blood everywhere. And it was just a marvelous thing to behold and a very scary thing at the same time to look at. And I saw Jesus walk into hell. Hell opened in the vision.

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The Bible says that He who ascended is He who also descended into the lower parts of the earth. Scriptures materialized in this vision.

Just imagine the Bible materializing itself. In my vision, I was seeing exactly what had happened and it was just mind-blowing. I just walked up and I couldn’t just believe this really happened. It is amazing. 

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