How to attract God's blessings by serving others

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How do we attract God’s blessing by serving others? The Bible exults us in Galatians 5:13 that we should serve one another in love. Another good example is that of Tabitha who served widows by ministering to their physical needs.

When she passed on, the widows cried to God and pleaded for her life. He sent them Peter who by the power of The Holy Spirit raised Tabitha from death.

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By this, we know that Tabitha received a reward because she served God by ministering to the needs of these widows.

We always want God to bless us, and our prayers are centered on us. Naturally, we don’t want to prioritize others’ needs, however, God desires that we serve each other in love, and seek to meet each other’s needs.

How many times has God prompted you to meet another person’s need but you have been unwilling? Every time we seek to meet the needs of others, God blesses us. It is easy to pray for God to meet others’ needs, but we are unwilling to be used as the vessel to administer the needs of others. And this is the reason our blessings are delayed.

In your neighborhood, there are needy persons yet you have not taken the initiative to be a blessing to them.

How to attract God’s blessings

I remember while I was on campus, I had a roommate whose phone had broken down and he didn’t have money to repair it. One day as I was sleeping, I had an open vision of the roommate begging me to help him out. During this season I also had many needs. I had an upcoming exam and was trusting God for peace of mind.

I realize maybe the reason God delayed in answering me is that I had not sought to meet this roommate’s needs. so, when I woke up, I yielded to the prompting of The Holy Spirit and met his need.  Afterward, I had a lot of peace of mind and by the end of the semester, God had blessed me so much even in my exams. Out of the 8 units I sat for, I had 7 straight A’s.

Perhaps the reason why your prayers are withheld is that you are not walking in love or seeking to meet the needs of your brothers and sisters in the Lord. God knows you are capable of doing so as He has given you the resources.

God will perfect that which concerns you. Psalms 138:8 declares that The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands”. Seek to yield to the promptings of The Holy Spirit.

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