We have all at one moment in life judged pastors based on their actions, which according to us is a misrepresentation of the kingdom of God. Is judging pastors a sin then? To begin with, all the sons of men are subject to fall as they all have weaknesses and not one of us is righteous. So, it is also true for pastors, as they are humans and not angels (even angels are subject to falling) and while under pressure can find themselves succumbing to their carnal nature and end up sinning.

Is judging pastors a sin

Judging pastors may not be the big deal. It greatly depends on what exactly we are judging and on what ground. Whether we are judging the person or the action. The Bible warns us of judging others (Matthew 7:7) based on their personality or who they are and how they are created.

It is the action, the sin that we should address and not the personality of a person i.e. their true nature, the essence of their being. We ought to deal with the sin/ action. We are allowed to rebuke evil in our midst, however the same should be done in great love, patience, and kindness. The Bible, therefore, permits us to point out sin.

We should not judge another person because we do not know the reason for their actions or even the intent and motives. People may have justified reasons for their actions, which to us may seem unacceptable. Consider this example, a person denouncing a false religion to seek after the true God. The members of such religion may end up judging this person as having committed apostasy, however, that might not be the case.

What the bible teaches about judging pastors.

An outstanding example in the Bible is that of Moses. Miriam and Aron spoke evil of him for having married a Cushite woman. They condemned the anointed of God without first seeking God’s counsel concerning the matter. The story unfolds in Numbers 12:1-15. The LORD God then rebuked Miriam and Aron. And the anger of God rekindled against them and consequently Miriam became leprous. From this, we learn that we have no authority to judge God’s servant. Only God can do so. God has placed these people in authority and they are therefore accountable to Him and Him alone.

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Judging pastors based on their actions.

Maybe you might ask, what about cases where pastors are involved in scandals such as rape, embezzlement of church funds, taking advantage of the flock, and many more? The standard remains, they are answerable to their master (their employer) and God. However, this doesn’t give them the opportunity or excuse to sin. They are humans, of cause, but that is not a justification for their sinful actions. They will face judgment like any other person, for God does not show partiality in judgment.

Seeking forgiveness as a servant of God.

God is faithful to keep you as his servant blameless if only you yield to His Holy Spirit. He understands our nature, that we are just but flesh and blood and He does not condemn you. His grace is meant to bring you back to the righteous path of salvation and redemption. Therefore, reconcile yourself with God, for He is merciful and kind.

Seeking forgiveness for judging others.

As individuals, we have at one time judged the servants of God. Now that we have come to realize we ought not to do so, we should therefore repent and seek forgiveness.

What i learned about judging ministersof the gospel.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the government had passed laws concerning church services. The policy declared that people of sixty years and beyond were not allowed to attend any public gatherings including church services. I observed men of God who disobey the government’s ruling and attended church fellowships some of whom were over sixty years old.

I was angry about what I observed as these pastors were not setting a good example to believers. According to my knowledge, they were sinning. The reason why they did it I cannot tell. Whether they did it for the money or as a result of Faith, I can’t tell. Only God can judge their motives. For nothing is hidden before our God, even the content of our hearts.

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