This is a conversation with one of my YouTube subscribers concerning a dream. The actual question was, what does it mean to be wearing a gold wedding ring while having sexual relations with a man? I will not use the name of the person, even though she posted the question on a public platform.

The Dream Question from this lady;

Mr. Joshua, what does it mean to be wearing a gold wedding ring while having sexual relations with a man? I knew I was naked. No private parts were shown in the dream. Only his legs and my finger wearing a gold wedding ring. I was nervous in the dream due to it being my first time with this man. I know the man in real life, and we never had intercourse or dated.

Furthermore, I am single and have never been married. This dream puzzles me because I didn’t feel shameful, the scene was in a bedroom on a bed, and I was wearing a gold wedding ring. I didn’t wake up feeling aroused or anything. I don’t fantasize about this man sexually, read the Bible daily with prayer, and on a long-term fast with my family members. Please help me understand. Thank you so much and God bless.

The dream interpretation.

Thank you for your question. The fact that the act didn’t feel shameful is a clue to the answer.
In real life we expect a married woman to wear a ring and to have sexual relations with her husband. Which is similar to what you saw in the dream.
Gold as a precious metal can stand for influence, wealth, or power. A ring may be a reflection of your desire for commitment in a relationship, or even your desire to get married.

In the dream, you were having sexual relations while wearing a ring. I don’t know how old you are, but the fact that you are wearing a marriage ring in the dream may symbolize your desire to be in a physical relationship that will lead to marriage. I am drawing this conclusion because you said you are single.

In addition to that, I don’t also know how much you know that person or even your relationship with him. However, seeing him in the dream doesn’t necessarily mean he is the one, (even though he might be) I mean your future husband. It’s good to find some quality time to pray and fast and ask God for more revelation. However, you said you are fasting with your family, and I believe that is the reason God is revealing this dream to you. Please consider also reading Job 33:14-18, Amos 3:7.

To summarize it all. I don’t think this is an evil dream involving a spiritual husband. I believe God is communicating a message to you through your emotions and body that maybe it’s time you start considering an honorable relationship and one that will lead to marriage.

Another thing, why are you fasting in the fast place, what are you trusting God for, I believe this might be an answer to one of your prayer requests.

Also, try to understand your desires. You may be lonely and in need of a life partner, which is a good thing to consider.
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Her response to the answer above;

Thank you so much Sir for your revelation. I never had a dream such as this and needed confirmation in terms of if my interpretation was correct from a 3rd party. I appreciate your analysis and found your YouTube page from your blog site. Regarding the man, I have known him for years and have experienced multiple dreams about him concerning marriage. Those dreams have not been sexual, which is why this caught me so off guard.

He is someone I know through work, and we hardly speak to each other. I’m of marital age and the fast is what my church does every year with a variety of prayer points. You are correct that God has answered my prayer due to me praying for a marital breakthrough as a prayer point. Thank you so much for confirming what I felt in my spirit regarding the dream and being used by the Lord. I will read the references you provided. God bless.

My reply to her;

Amen. You are most welcome. God is showing you the way forward. Keep on trusting Him more and dedicate your marriage vision to Him. If the dream has been reoccurring, then this was a confirmation that you are going to get married soon and end up enjoying the marriage. God bless you more.

Was this dream interpretation helpful to you? Let me hear your thoughts on the comment section below. For any clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for you. God has granted me the grace to interpret dreams and visions. So, you can use me as a resource for your dream interpretations.

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