The path of light is the place of healing, peace, and restoration. The path of light or simply light represents hope and healing. Psychology is a good idea as it to some extent helps to restore one to a stable state.

People who are in pain, have messed up, and maybe even engage in self-destructive behaviors don’t need to be scorned or even rebuked. These people are already rebuked, their guilt consciousness already condemns them. The only help we can offer is to help them to come to a state of restoration. By giving them hope to still press on even when things don’t seem to work for their common good. Also, help them understand and appreciate their circumstances as most of it is meant to strengthen them, mold their character, and lead them to a state of maturity.

Ways To Walk the Path of Light

When Jesus met the promiscuous woman described in John 8:1-12, He never condemned her, why? Because she was already condemned by her conscience. Like Jesus, we, therefore, need to embrace the condemned and afflicted and lead them to restoration, the place of peace and joy.

As a church, we have greatly failed when it comes to handling new converts and those who have not yet seen the path of light.

Where we have failed as a church

As a church, we are in the business of condemning those already condemned by their own conscience. Those among us who by one or the other way have slipped into entanglement with darkness (sin). We are harming them by drawing them away from grace. From seeing the light, the path that leads to healing and restoration.

We are in the business of self-righteousness, claiming to be “a holy body of Christ”. While yet we have blocked the path, preventing others from finding the path of light, from encountering with light.

Let’s be mature in our thinking, basing our arguments on the kingdom principle and not the minds of men. (not on religion and philosophies constructed for selfish gain).

The same path that Stephen saw while he was in tribulation, being stoned to death. Jesus Christ our eternal hope and savior. A path that sets free, embraces and restores.

Jesus as the path light and light

Psychology and counseling may be a good idea, but any of these that lacks the path of light, the ministry of grace, and eternal hope, only offer a short-term solution. However, the message of His love and grace offers hope, healing, restoration, and peace that surpasses human understanding.

The word of God is clear on this, “let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith.”(Hebrews 12:2)

May God revive our spirit and give us the joy of His salvation and eternal hope through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

“He who seeks the path of light seeks life and finds hope, peace, and restoration”

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