What are biblical dream Symbols

What are biblical dream symbols and how can we effectively interpret a dream in which there are so many symbols in it? Having seen animals in your dream, having seen landscapes in your dream, having seen spiritual entities such as demons and angels, how can you interpret such a dream?

There are so many biblical examples of people who dreamt. Daniel had a dream of the four beasts. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a statue of a man made up of different materials; gold, silver, bronze and clay, and iron. 

And we have also the example of Joseph who had two series of dreams where he saw the moon and the stars.

To begin with, there are symbols that are generally very common to everyone. They cut through all the cultures.

One must also consider the context in which that particular symbol is used in the dream. Dream symbolism may be used in two different dreams, two different settings, and two different contexts to totally mean something else. 

A good example is the symbol of snakes. We all know, or probably we all have had dreams about snakes. They always present evil.

The serpent tempted Adam and Eve. We see the snake again mentioned in Revelation, that old serpent in the vision of John and many other places where the snake is seen as an evil entity.

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However, the Bible also exults us to be as wise as a serpent. The snake in this case is a symbol of wisdom. You see, it doesn’t contradict itself. It depends on the setting. For example, if you’re seeing a snake attacking you that’s not a good dream. 

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