Dream of a lady who accidentally slept with her father

On 22nd April 2022, I had a dream that is familiar to me. I remember a Muslim/ white girl that once approached me and told me that her dad had mistaken her for her mom, when she was in the bathroom, as her father was also in the bathroom. She didn’t know, and when she realized that her dad was there she quickly covered her face with a mask, and then a father came from the other side of the bathroom and approached her thinking she was his wife.

So today I observed the whole scene myself, I tried to stop it but I was late. The reason I couldn’t stop it from happening is that it is something that happened in the past and we can not undo the past.

The reason the father mistook her for her mom was that the lady looked 100 percent alike to her mother, including in her body shape, height, and the length of her hair.

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What happened in the dream

The lady had gone to the bathroom as she thought there was no one in the house. It seemed that the family shared the same bathroom. On this day she had no idea that her dad was already using the bathroom. When she walked into the opposite room in the bathroom she realized her dad was inside.

The man then calls thinking it is his wife who had joined him in the bathroom. The lady didn’t know what to do so she immediately took a mask and covered her eyes, so that her father may not notice her, because he was already coming where she was, and she had no time to run out of the room.

The man came from behind and held her while she looked in the opposite direction. He was still wet and naked. He thought it was his wife he was holding. The lady was so shocked that she kept silent and played along. The man-made love to his daughter without his knowledge.

Once he was done, he walked out of the bathroom, while the lady went and sat on some stairs trying to figure out what had just happened. She was so terrified and didn’t know what to do.

In the next scene, the girl was depressed, and she began watching porn. As a result, she desired to become a pornstar to cover her shame.

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The implications of this dream

I believe most porn stars, strippers, and prostitutes were abused when they were kids. This shame is what drives them to do the kind of jobs they involve themselves in.

They should know that there is a God who can heal them and take away their shame. Jesus Christ loves them and He is willing to take them back to himself.

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