On 6th August 2022, the LORD spoke to me in a dream concerning nuclear power and green energy. 

A prophetic word about nuclear energy

In my dream, I met this billionaire. I don’t know who the person was, but he was a billionaire. I just knew it as your spirit knows everything in the spiritual dimension. 

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So, I met this billionaire and I was explaining to him how nuclear energy is the game changer and not green energy. Because I believe green energy is a cult. It’s a cult as it doesn’t work. And there’s evidence is evidence for that.

I was telling him how nuclear energy is the game changer, how it’s going to change the world, and it should be implemented and they should find a safer working model.

I told him there are some risks, but if they put in the right resources, and the right research, they can come out with the best model to create the best nuclear plant ever. I asked him what powers his body cells and he told me it’s nuclear energy. 

Then I told him that is what God has put in place. If you observe the universe, it’s powered by nuclear energy. The sun is powered by nuclear energy. The stars are powered by nuclear energy. 

Our bodies are powered by nuclear energy in the nucleus of our cells. And I told him nuclear energy is the only thing that can change the world; the solution to the energy crisis. And the man was really amazed, even though he never said anything. 

That was the message. Nuclear energy is what will solve the world’s energy crisis and not green energy. Green energy is a cult. Am I saying people should not invest in green energy? No. Be informed! The green energy agenda is tied to other social issues which have nothing to do with energy.

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